Mypaint video-conference in Dakar, Senegal

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This saturday I did a video-conference for the Linux Libre design event in Dakar Senegal organized by Dakarlug. I did a 1h talk and demo remotely from my home studio using Skype. Thanks to the great feature to share a part of my screen in Skype and continue my talks , I was able to paint live and commenting at the same time. ( if someone know a open-source alternative to speak/share screen/webcam multiplatform with a great bandwith, please inform me on the comments ) The talk started with a personnal presentation and was followed by a demo about the free and open source software Mypaint and some advanced functionnality of it. At the end, I shared a question/answer moment with the participant. And one of the question was about great tutorials link on the web for self-taught artist , and I promised to paste them on the blog , here they are. If you have more quality links, use the comments to share ! Thanks again to Genova the organisator of this event for the warm welcome, and all the participant ! - Mypaint tutorials Professionnal Digital painting community :
( mainly tutorials with Corel Painter and Photoshop, but it doesn't matter since digital painting is about skill to draw and paint , workflow and steps...)
- CGtalk featured tutorials
- CGarena featured tutorials
- 3D total featured tutorials ( in tutorial>photoshop menu ) Francophone:
- Tdt3D 2D tutorials
- 3dvf 2D tutorials and of course thousands of additionals videos to search inside on Video community like youtube , etc.... Youtube , with keywords about digital painting


link Cam  

Hi David!

Just to let you know that it's always a pleasure
to follow your journey into digital painting. I bought Chaos & Evolution and I'm checking right now Blend & Paint and it's a delight. Many thanx for sharing your experiments you're a real inspiration.

Just a little question: do you use the same keyboard shortcuts between all programs or are adapting to each software ?

Anyways, good to see people as commited as you!

Thanx again!


link Steven Powers (SMP)  


Good to see you are keeping busy. I like the new look of your site/blog. Are you using blogger or Wordpress (or other)?

What got you into using Open Source software? I have for years and still use a variety of commercial, freeware and Open Source but it always comes down to what works best for the task, time and overall costs. There are a lot of Open Source and Free Ware that I prefer over commercial such as Blender over Maya (due to certified hardware restrictions).


link Trébla  

Salut David !

Super travail. Ca doit etre stressant comme situation quand même :)

Merci en tout cas pour les liens en particuliers "3dtotal", les tutoriels sont excellents et je vais m'en servir pour mon projet BD en cours.


link David Revoy Author,

@Cam : Thanks for watching my Dvds and for the comment. For keyboard shortcuts : I try to have the same between Mypaint/Gimp/Krita ; and mostly for the ones I use the most ; opacity / diameter of brush and dark-light shortcut.

@Steven Powers (SMP) : Thanks for my new webdesign :) I did the template alone , the french engine is">Pluxml ; a flat database XML based blog. I follow the Pluxml project since years, and I really like it ( maybe because I'm familiar with the admin style now, and files sorting ; php libs etc.... ). I'm not good enough with php to comit to this project , but I keep tweaks and add custom features on mine, mostly little additions explained in the documentation of Pluxml ( gravatar, etc... ).

- About Open-source ; I think I get so nervous by the past with getting stuck to can't reinstall my own paid proprietary software after a crash, or Adobe who didn't provide patch to install my Photoshop Cs2 on Vista properly, or the bad and crashy code of painter 9 where you discover after loosing 3 artwork you have to patch it to 9.5 ( and same for Vista, to tweak again to">find a workaround to make the installer work ... ). Finally , I totally get bored to see it was more problems than solution for poeple like me who do it legal way.
Plus, I was mostly disgusted to see cheaters/hackers of license get more comfort of use than me, customers who broke my ass to pay the license prices . I was stuck to CS2 to save money ; they got the last version. I was on the forums trying to find a solution, they proposed me to hack the last version. Not very a fair world... And price of license in Europe compare to U.S. prices ; or simply just the ability to change the langage of Photoshop to do a english tutorial ( my version was fr ) without paying a second Photoshop.
Now, I'm far away all this mess, and working as I can to make my open-source tools the best I can. And it's 10 time brighter in my head now to see the future on a long term like this than all the other way. So, 1 or 2 feature missing ; or spending 15min to do a certain thing is not that a problem for the moment. I just learned to do thing differently ;)

@Trébla : Super, c'est vrai qu'il y en a de bons pour la BD dedans et le rendu en général. Sinon, pour la conférence, oui c'est intimidant mais le public était très chaleureux. +

link confused a little  

Recording of the videoconference will not be shared publicly? And even if it would be made available we wouldn't understand it because it's in French ;-) ?

link David Revoy Author,

@confused a little : I think most of the conference was streamed live but not sure if mine was ; Skype took a lot of bandwith. And yep this one was in french ( rarefull for me ).

link Steven Powers (SMP)  


I have to agree with the issues with licenses / costs issues and patches that don't get patched in a timely manner. Thankfully I haven't had to deal with the language issues over the years or different pricing that you have had to. I haven't had many issues with PS but I have been looking to move completely away from Windows. So far Ubuntu has been very good but I still seem to use windows apps in WINE a lot. Though those apps are open source or free. I am a big believer in minimalism when it comes to apps. I don't want to have to learn many different programs. I want to spend my time on the art and not the science behind it ...God loves those that do ...there is a lot of work that goes into these apps.

The biggest thing today is with Cost when most of us run more than one system or for the small studios. It is just not productive or cost effective to have to pay for multiple licenses. Or to deal with the glichy-ness of Windows OS's and licensing schemes.

So thanks for the effort on your part, much appreciated,

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