The red noses ICC issue

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Update: this article was posted on 1st April as a April Fool joke for 2020: please don't take it seriously and thanks to all the one who sent feedback when I released it!

I'm still under shock: over the last months, I fought with something I never saw in 20 years of digital art. All started after I installed this new ICC profile sent from a new printer. I copied it along my other ICC profiles as I do usually and at first, all was fine. But after a couple of days something weird happened: all the noses of my characters in artworks started to be glossy and red! (screenshot above) I immediately started to investigate everywhere: the Kra files, LittleCMS updates, my windows compositor until I found something using the ICC profile manager of Krita. The color profiles had something new: the preview indicated the red part of their colorspace area started to expand! Worst, this issue started to propagate to all the ICC profiles I had on my disk!

Icc profiles with expanded colorspace in red

I had no idea what to do. After sleepless nights to search the web, I found this thread on a forum with a method I never tried before: the quarantine of files. I immediately put it to action before the propagation reaches more files while praying for my art to be back to normal noses.

Create a new directory under /home and move them there

Then I waited (the period might be different according to your local settings) but it did work! After a couple of days this removed the issue and all my profiles went back to normal. I first symlinked them one by one with special permissions, I also controlled their color temperature one by one and everything went back to normal. I then thought it was important to write this article to warn other artist and here I am now.

IMPORTANT: If you see other artists with artworks having glossy red noses; please inform them they might be infected! If everyone does that with their ICC profiles, we might avoid the propagation of red noses in art!

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link Nikklown  

Honk :o)

link notethecode  

That was a good one.

link Bernhard M.  

Happy 2020-04-01

Good thing, you ended the epidemic of red noses.

link zeograd  

I had good results using a sandboxed version of krita to inspect their color temperature and quarantine only those exhibiting problems.
I'm happy to hear I'm not the only one who faced this issue. Thanks for spreading awareness!

link shut  

Don't spoil it.

link Craig Maloney  

On the plus side, it means P&C is Red Nose Day compliant.

link TappedOut  

This guy nose what's up!

link Suspicious  

The first paragraph was enough to determine what it was all about :D

Nice try, David ;)
Keep trying and maybe next time I will fall for it hook, line, and sinker.

link David Revoy Author,

:D Haha
I knew it was too big to fool someone; I just wanted to share a smile :)
Next year something more serious? Challenge accepted if I still remember about it!

link David Revoy Author,


link David Revoy Author,

#stay/home xD !

link Suspicious  

A bit of a smile at the present time is always welcome :)
Maybe a comic with the last panel replaced - a special ending at April Fool's Day?

The red noses ICC issue is also very well known in the world of cinema ;)

The following screen from the movie "Drunken Master" showing Beggar So - master of the "Eight Drunken Gods" kung fu techniques:

link Itzcuauhtli  

Ohh no, they have corona D:

link Ki  

In fact, i'm happy with red noses particularly when there's wine included. If i put a wine picture with my quarantined icc profiles, will it stop spreading but keep the red noses just too some selected ones ?

Thanks for the laught! :-D

link David Revoy Author,

'Drunken Master' series is part of my favorite movies :-D I love this old master!

link Marcelo Souza  

For a moment, I believed in the story... :(

link David Revoy Author,

Ha, you are right. That's something I usually dislike with digital April fool article: they continue to fool after audience. I'll add a disclaimer for the reader to tell it was a April fool joke. Sorry for this!


Unfortunately wine actually make things worse (see for more details)

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