Goodbye Uderzo

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Albert Uderzo left us today... "Astérix" was certainly the first comic I read and his generous curved drawing style had a big impact on my way to draw. Rest in peace.

(Fan-art of Asterix, a property of Hachette.)

License: "Goodbye Uderzo" by David Revoy − Published under fair-use. This artwork contains references to copyrighted elements.
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link B.F.C.1909  

why the cat...the dog idefix!

link B.F.C.1909  

still nice

link David Revoy Author,

That's Carrot, one of the main character of my comic Pepper&Carrot. I drew Idefix on the first version; then before posting my wife told me: "oh, good drawing, but why do you post one of his artwork? You couldn't draw one yourself?"... She wasn't realising it was my art. Then she suggested me to do a remix with Carrot and I think it makes the artwork more personal and near to my feeling. Now you know all :)

link B.F.C.1909  

Thanks, it's very kind of you,

link Marius  

So sad indeed. Our eldest daughter (10) cut her reading teeth on Asterix (so did I in the 70s). We have both read all Uderzo (and Goscinny)'s works and love it all dearly.

I'm sure their replacements are continuing, but it won't be the same. Something was lost when Goscinny passed on as well. It was still great, but the writing was not the same.

I would prefer Ferri and Conrad do not make more books, but find their own new creation.

link Geoff  

I learnt french humour and language through the Asterix Comics.
Very sad loss

link Châu  

I think Astérix cry because he still in copyright prison until year 2091. His master Uderzo never think give Astérix his freedom, let fans use Astérix create new stuff use this character. No, he no care about fans make him rich, instead Uderzo plus corrupt France government give his family option become lazy people for next 71 years, rent this character like landlord but NEVER pay property tax (remember income tax is not property tax), all fans will die before opportunity can use Astérix. Relatives no need create new stuff or work job like most other people. Current corrupt copyright law is welfare money for company and lazy relatives, not help create stuff.

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