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Here is the rendering of the drawing I started today during the livestream for the LibrePlanet 2020 conference. That was a bit ambitious to want to design a cute Gnu. If you look at photos of Gnus and collect keywords that will come to your mind, "cute" might not be part of this list. The color palette, the fur, the horns... A very difficult topic especially during the rendering. But in the fire of the action of the first five minute of the livestream, I picked this animal because the Gnu is also the emblematic animal of the GNU project.

I want to thanks the one who saw the Livestream again here. I received really nice comments on social medias and IRC. Also a special thanks to the idea of @_beatpanic :

"OMG, cuteness DEFCON Level 1 reached! Applaudissements Would be cool to have a GNUess too, together with the GNU if you would like to give it a try Hint hint ;) Anyway, cool stuff!" — @_beatpanic here on the social media of the blue bird..

As soon as I tried the eyelash the design reached another level in my opinion! The source Krita files (with transparent background) is hosted on the Misc page of Pepper&Carrot sources. I'll probably add her to the eShop soon because I would like to get a sticker of this GNUess on my laptop!

Update: I added the stickers on the Redbubble eShop , oh my Librem13 black will be pretty with it. :-)

License: "GNUess" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
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