Blend&Paint and Blenderella Dvd issue

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Photo credit : Pablo Vazquez
The team at Blender Institute confirmed this afternoon a technical problem in all last DVD printed Blend&Paint DVD 7 as well as Blenderella DVD 6. The problem only happen on Microsoft Windows system. For Linux users and Apple users , it's ok... What's the problem ? Shorten 8.3 filenames on Windows, using capitals letters ( like on MS-Dos ). This affect and make unusable the html DVD menu, links, and some other resources on the DVD. The great news is you can still play and watch the videos in the "videos" folder, and this is the main content of the DVD. But it's still annoying ... so to solve this, the Blender Institute team work actually on 2 solutions :

  1. First immediate solution : a menu to download here and unzip on your disk working with the DVD 2.Second ; a fixed print of the DVD, and proposition to send it to any customer who requests by email ( for this reply to order confirmation email).
    I hope you will still enjoy it , and I express here ( as well as the poeple working at the Blender Institute ) apologies for the issue. Official support blog post here, dont miss the 'Erratum' chapter.

PS : Thanks to John C Brown to warn me with a comment here and being the first to 'bug report'

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