little steampunkish dragon girl

A random design done for fun between two comissions and to do personnal test with Krita mirror painting feature and relax. A bit of polishing on the top and compositing were added respectively with Mypaint and Gimp-painter.

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License: CC BY
David Revoy,, .
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link Terry Hancock   - Reply

Nice work! Though the skirt is pretty dang short (maybe I'm being prudish). :-)

link Ecksell   - Reply

Another great job :) Congrats !

@Terry: 1st time I haven't seen the short length of the dress, but after you mentionned it, I'm quite agree with you ;)
Not a problem at all but strange result after seen it...

link REVOY David Author, - Reply

@Terry , @Ecksell : Thanks ! sometimes I tweak the silhouette to obtain a characterisation and I'm more focused on the shape style itself than on real underneath anatomy or moral problem. I guess I would correct this a bit if the girl had to be in 3D and perform a CG walkcycle :) I will care more in next concept ;)

link Niva   - Reply

Nice one David, not sure what others are talking about, I wish the skirt was shorter. Nothing beats a good panty shot or some camel toe :)

link REVOY David Author, - Reply

@Niva: ha ha, thanks for the comment :) I learned ( thanks to your post and wikipedia ) what was 'camel toe'. :)

link Darkqueenoir   - Reply

Amazing!! submit it to deviantart, is good to show the people how amazing are the open source software :)

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