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link David Revoy  

Here is the new Pepper&Carrot episode after a long pause caused by a complex self-publishing book project (still WIP) and the Redbubble e-shop project. I hope you'll like it! I want to thanks here again all the contributors and supporters: I wouldn't have the energy to do all of that without you! Have all good holidays for the end of year.

link Jane  

So beautifully done! I love it, and also all the special effects too! 👍👍👍

link Vinay  

Congrats Pepper, with your graduation! After the production report I was a bit worried we'd get to see an amount of un-Pepper-like violence but it all hit home now.

Not sure if it is just my computer but it appears like there is some error in the render. E31P03_V15 doesn't seem to load. Not sure if it was intentional as the preceding images were already getting a bit grainy but that could be part of the magic. Just a heads up in case it wasn't as intended.

link David Revoy Author,

Thank you!

link David Revoy Author,

Thank you Vinay. For the violence, maybe this episode is a good example of how far I'll go (flirting with the limit). Exploding things, fire, projections but I'll never show too much body damages. I might suggest it but I'll never show to respect the wide audience of Pepper&Carrot (I know very young kids follow also the serie)! Thanks for this feedback.

The panel is part of the webcomic, and a prank I do to the reader: the reality of Cayenne disapears under too much compression leaving a pure void and I translated that void by the image missing in the web-browser. But that might be a bit too realistic because you are not the first who send me a feedback about it. :-)

link Eric  

I too got tricked by the JPEG magic! I hit reload a few times (sorry for the server load) before I noticed that wasn't how my browser would show a broken image and the name of the spell.

link Moini  

I think if the J in the Jpegius spell could look a bit more like a J, with a descender that goes below the line, it would have been more obvious. I found it difficult to understand that letter (first I thought it was a 3, then an I) until I saw the artifacts.

Aside from that: Congrats, Pepper and David :) (et Joyeux Noël !)

link bobo  

Mafuba !!!
Careful readers will certainly appreciate the various transpositions. As for the art, well, it's simply breathtaking. Thanks and congrats, dude !

link Parotofu capilopull  

Je salue ton travail, David, ainsi que celui de tous ceux qui t'accompagnent et te soutiennent. J'ai carrément rit de bon coeur sur le "Qualitatis Minimalis !". J'ai été vérifier dans la version anglaise qu'il y avait bien l'affichage d'une image manquante pour être sûr que je ne ratais rien. Pendant cette procédure, je continuais à rire, hahahaha !

link Uros  

I love the new techniques you've used here ! So beutiful and organic looking :)

link TappedOut  

Aren't the witches kinda approaching Magmah's domain with the fire effects?

link Alpas  

The jpeg magic was amusing, took me a second to get it. I agree on the letter J in the word JPEGUS though, it doesn't look like J at all, which might be a part of some reader's confusion. Nice episode, like always!

link John  

A new episode!!!

link Craig Maloney  

Considering that Chaosah is one of the base magics of Hereva it's natural to see some of the other magic in Aquah and Magmah in Chaosah. (wink)

link Nora Nighting  

I have read every episode but never commented so far; so to make up for that: This is really great work, i love it!
But I must say I don't like that canvas background you have used for this episode, that gives the images a "grand"/"museum" kind of style that just doesn't fit the series in my opinion.
Also, even though I got the JPEG joke at once and found it funny, I'm not looking forward to having to explain this to my young nephew; and as opposed to other inside jokes you can't just ignore that whole part. And the file-not-loading joke will not work so well in the printed version :-/

link David Revoy Author,

Thank you Nora for your first comment :)

Yes, the canvas texture is an experimentation; it is not as I imagined it at first and was difficult to paint (eg. I couldn't use any deformation tools; rotation, deform, scaling, etc; because each time the texture would reveal the transformation). So it wasn't super convenient and I don't think it brings a big plus visually. But I totally had to do that to understand this. I might continue with texture on next episode; but more to suggest details and materials. One of the positive side effect was to work in 4K to get this texture; and this I'll keep on the next episodes even if it makes the Krita sources files of the episode weight almost 1GB.

I pushed a fix for the JPG jokes that might makes it easier to get for non technician/computer audience; now the pixels shatter over the panel. So, you can explain it was like a prison of green glass.

About the printed version; I know. But Pepper&Carrot is a webcomic in priority. The printed version will never lead my decision because I really want to offer the best web experience I can. It's not the first time some part will be hard to adapt for books: the gifs animations are static too while printed and many color saturation on my effects that produce real light from the monitor will never replicate the same experience printed. But I'm also confident it will be still fun even printed.

Thanks again for the detailed feedback! It helps.

link David Revoy Author,

Note: I pushed a fix for the JPG effect on Pepper&Carrot bug tracker here:

link David Revoy Author,

Hey! Sorry for the prank and forcing you to reload :)
I pushed a fix to prevent this; details are on the bug tracker here:

link David Revoy Author,

Hey Moini!
Thanks! Yes, I also thought about that during the beta, then I forgot about it. I fixed this bug here: ; it was a necessity to fork the whole font and re-render almost all the episode to fix this one, that wasn't easy but this letter was really not a good design and I really want to use this font for spell on long term for the series.

link David Revoy Author,

Oh, the Mafuba!! ( )
Thanks for this! This episode has a big assumed parody of DBZ but I always had this picture dormant in me of the blackhole power and now I finally remember where it came from: the Mafuba. I really have to buy again all DragonBall manga and read it. I left mine to the house of my mum when I was a teenager then she put all of them into the garage and a flood of the garage destroyed them all, so probably 20 years I haven't read DragonBall.

Thanks also for the super nice comment about the art.

link David Revoy Author,

Merci! J’ai corrigé un peu la case car trop de personnes ce sont retrouvé à douter de leur navigateur ou du site de Pepper&Carrot (le rapport de bug est ici: J’espère qu’avec cette modification, ça mettra la puce à l’oreille sans retirer du plaisir.

link David Revoy Author,

Thank you!

link David Revoy Author,

Yes, exactly. Thank you for noticing! I tried to not really mimic fire effect in this episode but plasmas with wavy and electromagnetic patterns. It worked most of the time, but I admit when I finished the episode I was a bit disapointed of the 'disco' colorful appearance because I had something probably a bit more serious in mind with probably a palette a bit more limited. One thing is sure; I like the deep violet as a signature color for the raw Chaosah spells and I like Pepper to colorize her spell in Pink or Green as for colored fireworks (a fancy detail, because Pepper is all about this little extra fun touch).

link David Revoy Author,

Thank you Alpas for Confirming. I tried to fix both issues so hopefully it will be easier to get:
J letter here:
Missing panel effect here:

link David Revoy Author,

Surprising, right? :)

link John  

Can we start a project to make 100 clones of you so we can have one of these every day?!

link Parotofu capilopull  

Salut ! J'ai lu ton rapport de bug sur Framagit et j'ai constaté l'inclusion du changement dans les deux vignettes de la version française sur ton site. Ce changement est efficace et utile. Bravo.

J'ai aussi lu tes explications en anglais, en réponse à un commentaire plus bas, sur le même sujet. J'en résume une partie pour les lecteurs non anglophones : tu assumes le fait que, pour cette plaisanterie d'image manquante, comme pour d'autres artéfacts visuels propres à la version numérique (animation / effets lumineux liés à la saturation des couleurs), tu privilégies la version numérique (dite "webcomic") sur la version papier.

[baguette magique] Que la grâce de la béatitude soit sur toi, ta famille, et tous ceux qui te soutiennent [/baguette magique]

link David Revoy Author,

100 clones?! This would cost way too much in coffee!

link David Revoy Author,

Merci, ça fait plaisir de lire ton retour :-)
Passes de bonnes fêtes et idem pour le début de l'année à venir!

link Nora Nighting  

Hey, you are welcome. And thanks for the infos :-)

link Bruno Rios  

The Jpegus magic it's that sort of thing I was willing to see from the Chaosah domain! Excellent episode!

link Vinay  

Thanks a lot for updating the joke :)! I absolutely get that from the production end of the line it may be hard to gauge what level of geekiness is still understood and beyond what point you'd be pushing things too far. I think the update is a very clever one, probably without losing the joke for those who understood it the first time around. Yeah I think there are different dimensions of "technical". I can fix any part of your bike for you (unless you've got electric pedal assist) but with my mind completely off into the magical world of Hereva this one just didn't land. That's fine. Now that I get it, I can still laugh about it and now also get the other jokes ;).

Either way, props for listening to your audience and finding such a cool solution!

link Douglas Brebner  

I love this one, though I'm a bit puzzled at the "three years" line.

link Craig Maloney  

It's been three years since the initial comic. Pepper is now 18.

link 名無しさん  


link artcontrol  

thanks David. great episode.

could you please update the sketches folder? it hasn't been updated since e20 and I love to remix any sketches you release. thank you.

link Parotofu capilopull  

制作动植物等离子电磁攻击的动画非常困难。这将需要使用数值模拟模型。 这样的工具还没有达到科学的最新水平。

link Astrokiwi  

Thank you David, great job as always! Just one little thing, I've just noticed that some of the latin spells are written uncorrectly (e.g. 'qualitis' should be 'qualitas', 'atomicus' should be 'atomica' and so forth), but maybe it is intentional so to make it understandable for English readers? Great job anyway, I loved the canvas texture :)

link David Revoy Author,

Hi @artcontrol! Thanks!
For comic pages; I can't because a lot of the last episodes were done 100% digital, including first sketches. I'll have a look if I can add to this folder scans from my sketchbook in the coming month.

link David Revoy Author,

Thank you @Astrowiki! Yes; the pseudo-caricature of Latin in Pepper&Carrot is intentional. I'm even surprised my improvisations were so near the "correct one". Choosing this type of aesthetic for spells came naturally; it's part of the pop culture for witches. One time, I had a critic about this latin spells being a copy of Harry Potter spells. Something I don't really care because I'm not really a Harry Potter fan, I saw them (I think all movies?) entertaining but nothing that triggered really inspiration or transformed me into a fan xD.

link Bruno  

Apologies for not looking into the whole git process, but I’m quite busy lately so I would like to point out a translation error:

1. It’s been three years since you told us "just a last-minute test"...
This makes it sound like the test began three years ago, or even, considering chaos magic shenanigans, that they’ve been fighting for three years in some warped spacetime. A more correct translation would be "You’ve been telling us ’just a last-minute test’ for three years..." (i.e. for three years she has been repeatedly asking for last-minute _tests_).

2. Checkmate, master Cayenne!
I see the French comic says "maître", but shouldn’t they be "mistress/maîtresse"?

link David Revoy Author,

Oh thank you @Bruno for the feedback. I was unsure about the English translation: "It's been three years since you told us "just a last-minute test"... ; yes, in the French version my intent was to tell something like this: "every last three time we met here you(cayenne) do that again and request a 'last-minute test'" implying Pepper had already two fails and Cayenne is very serious about her tests.

For the mistress; I remember we discussed about that in the past but I don't remember the outcome. I'll try to discuss that with the natives English speakers on the project.

link 名無しさん  


link fnareoh  

Bonjour !
Super épisode (surtout le sort de compression !) mais en le relisant, en version anglaise cette fois, je remarque que la case
"Ça fait 3 ans que tu nous fais le coup d'une "verification de dernière minute"..." en Français et
"It's been three years since you told us "just a last-minute test" ..." en Anglais
Ne me donnent vraiment pas la même lecture. En français j'ai l'impression que chaque année c'est la même chose et Cayenne refuse de donner le diplome sans un test de dernière minute. Alors qu'en anglais j'ai l'impression que ce test de dernière minute a duré 3 ans ?
Je ne vois pas forccément comment corriger la chose compte tenu de l'espace dans les bulles mais je tenais à le signaler !
Merci encore !

link David Revoy Author,

Mmm... Effectivement, je pense que le flux de travail mix Anglais et Français que j'ai testé pour cette épisode à laisser des erreurs. Celle ci serait assez importante; car propagé dans toutes les autres langues. Je manque d'un traducteur Français > Anglais sur les épisodes et cette approximation est ma faute: j'ai des relecteurs; mais si je loupe le sens de la traduction et la structure de la phrase est correcte il ne peuvent comparer avec la version FR. Je vais me renseigner, merci.

link C.S. Pereira  

I discovered the Pepper & Carrot's stories and I've read all these until here. So, I really liked so much these stories. The art style is so beautiful and the comics' plot are so good, with charismatic characters (mainly the protagonist) and a humor structure that is constructed so well. So, congratulations for your creation until here.

link David Revoy Author,

Awww! ♥
Thank you, your message really made my day!

link David Revoy Author,

J'ai vérifié avec les contributeurs anglophones et tout semble en règle ; merci pour le message, il vaut mieux vérifier plusieurs fois.

link Jesús Odremán  

Due to a job I am doing I had not seen Pepper's last adventure. It is very exciting to know that she finally obtained her Diploma and that she beat her teacher in the duel. His courage and strategy reminds me of the myth of Marsias against the God Apollo. I hope that the beautiful Pepper knows how to overcome the academy and not be crushed by the deities.

Note, I was about to write saying there was an error on the page because one of the bullets could not be loaded. Luckily I checked, what a great tribute to Little nemo!

link David Revoy Author,

Hey! Thanks for the feedback and the myth, I'll go to read that. For editing the message; my blog system comes from the 2000 and can't do that unfortunately. But you can always ask as you did, I 'll fix it on my side. I'll correct your name, and remove the new comment where you ask for it. No problem!

link Sonia  

Hahahahaha i just lost it when Pepper reduced her aunt to a pixelated JPG!!! That's the worst curse ever! I cant stop laughing! I love your style of humor!

link David Revoy Author,

Thank you :)

link Sorry for not english comment  

ну тут же должны быть русскоговорящие, которые проиграли с момента, где зашакалили изображение)))
мне кажется не все иностранцы поймут

link fShef  

Стиль еб*чего Шакала).

link dan  

sonia is right

link Unwary  

So... I'm trying to parse the last minute test dialog...
It's been three years since Pepper was supposed to graduate, delayed because of testing started at the last minute?
I wondered big there was some kind of time dilation effect from the blackhole, but I don't think so.
It's not a typo per se, just a hard to parse piece of english.

link David Revoy Author,

The meaning here is: it's been three years Pepper attempted the first time to graduate; and over the last three years Cayenne always refused her to pass. This is Pepper third exam. She always failed on exam 1 and 2 because of Cayenne's last minute check.
Français: "Ça fait 3 ans que tu nous fais le coup d'une "verification de dernière minute"..."
English: "It's been three years since you told us "just a last-minute test" ..."
I'll already asked a check with translator; and the formulation is hard to understand if English is not your first language; but that's the right way to tell it. It was confirmed to me by native speakers.

link Marie-Anne  

WoW j’adore les histoires de pepper et carrot à chaque fois que je lis j’explose de rire vraiment bravo pour ton beau travail 😁😉

link David Revoy Author,


link Juan  

Hi David and team!
Congratulations for this fantastic project! You inspire me a lot in a wide variety of topics (though I'm not a visual artist nor a painter).

I always read comments right after reading/watching episodes, as I usually find details and other meanings I didn't get myself at first time. For this particular episode I just wanted to point out a better spanish translation that could improve the understanding of the story, especially the line related to three years of examinations, which is quite significant in that sense.

When reading the original sentence "Hace tres años que tú nos dijiste de hacer «un examen de último momento»...", I understood that Cayenne said, three years ago, that she would require an exam, but that exam hadn't been done until this night. In other words, that verb tense indicates that she said that only once and that it was three years ago, which is also quite absurd in time respect. As I read from your replies, Cayenne says that phrase every year on every examination, which also shows an aspect of Cayenne's personality.

So I suggest one of the following, mainly the second one, which is even more humorous/funnier:
"Hace tres años que nos vienes diciendo de hacer «una última prueba»..."
"Hace tres años que siempre sales con «hagamos una última prueba»..."

"Examen" (at least in Argentina) refers to the whole procedure (to all night), while "prueba" can be asociated easily to a single test/duel/question within an exam.

Anyway, if this can't be done, anyone reading comments will get the idea that Pepper has been tested three times and that three years has passed by now. :)

Thank you!!

link David Revoy Author,

Thanks a lot Juan for your nice words and also for the feedback, I'll report it on the translation system :)

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