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After years of research and work, I'm happy to finally reveal the Pepper&Carrot eShop! You'll find on it postcards, art prints, tote bags, tablet/laptop/mobiles cases and skins, mugs, notebooks, dresses, T-shirts, blankets, tapestries, shower curtains, clocks... and socks!

It's all here:

(or under 'eShop' on top menu here or on Pepper&Carrot website.)

Demo of products: not real photos but mockup provided by Redbubble

I bought products to test quality: Good!

Shipping was fast (even for France) and well packaged.

Testing the shop was important for me before the release. Left mug: a service I rejected (bad print), Right mug: Redbubble, good resolution and better colors.

You can customize colors on T-Shirt and create your unique style on Redbubble.

I created original design for the launch, including Contributopia themed artworks. (with authorisation)

Making of

Sketchbook for the ideas, Krita for the art and Inkscape for the text. It wasn't easy to do because of this bugs here, here and there...


The platform, Redbubble, is translated in English, French, German and Spanish and accept Euros, Pounds and various Dollars (Canada, Australia, USA). Making this eShop took me a good part of September. I'm not forgeting about the Pepper&Carrot self-published comic project in English: it is the next step and it will be plugged to the same eShop page but will use a different service (Redbubble doesn't print books). I'll keep adding new design to Redbubble on the way now. I want to renew here a special thanks to Pouhiou and the P&C community for the precious feedback all along this quest I started in 2015! An artwork is missing? A suggestion for adding one? What do you think about it? Please share it in the comment here or on social medias (or via email). I'll be around.


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link Vulphere  

Looking fresh and well-done!

Keep up the good work, deevad

link Lynerlok  

Looking very good ! Good job ( and keep this way )

link David Revoy Author,

@Vulphere and @Lyneriok: A big thank you!

link Douglas Brebner  

Very nice.

And a printed comic in English? I want!

link Abra  

They look so cool! Unfortunately I can't get one because basically nothing comes to Turkey ;_;
They look very good though. Especially the Carrot one. THE CUTENESS ;D;

link Châu  

You need help for translation for this?

link David Revoy Author,

Hey Châu!
Yes, a tiny help: I added only three lines for the websites:

# Eshop
'ESHOP' => 'Cửa tiệm',
'ESHOP_COMIC' => 'Comic books and artbooks are on:',
'ESHOP_SHOP' => 'Prints, mugs, tee-shirts and more on:',

The file is in Framagit so if you want you can translate them to me here, I'll integrate them later. Thank you!

link David Revoy Author,

Oh, no shipping to Turkey? That's sad! (Thank you for the feedback!)
Maybe you can download the design; sticky paper or paper for T-Shirt transfert and make the product with a home printer?
I have made a repo on the main website for the e-shop: (no GUI yet, just thrown sources; Better website is in WIP TODO)

link Châu  

No problem, here:
'ESHOP' => 'Cửa Tiệm Điện Tử',
'ESHOP_COMIC' => 'Sách bức tranh và sách nghệ thuật tại:',
'ESHOP_SHOP' => 'Áp phích, ly cà phê, áo thun, và đồ khác tại:',

link David Revoy Author,

Oh thanks for them Châu! I added it to the website except the first one for ESHOP because it was too long for the top title. Maybe website have something shorter?
eg. In France, eShop would be probably translated to "Boutique Electronique" (too long) so I just kept 'shop' ; 'Boutique'.

link Arbre  

Do you happen to have a picture of one of the tall mugs (say with Repairing Carrot)? I prefer tall mugs but I am worried the picture will be distorted (as it is in the preview).

link olivia  

ooo i so wanted some of those :D sadly shipping to brazil is twice the price of the products hahaha ops. gonna definitely print some stickers myself here, though :D thanks for the idea ;)

link gpsqueeek  

Any chance of "free hugs" t-shirts and stickers ? Probably cushions would be nice too...
I think I remember an image with Pepper and Carrot hugging but I can't find it anymore... Hmmm... Any idea someone ? Did I dream this image or just could not find it because I am too hungry to lurk the internetz ? XD

link gpsqueeek  

Oh and one more question : did you check the difference in quality between a premium and a classic t-shirt ? If not, maybe I will do and share the results here ^^

link David Revoy Author,

Coucou ;) Maybe it is the last panel of the episode "a fresh start" ; but exept that I don't remember where they hug. I'll have a look again in the archives.

link David Revoy Author,

I haven't tested. I took only the classic t-shirt; and the quality is already good for the tee-shirt itself; and colors were good for the print. I'm curious about the premium.
Don't forget to check their mesurement for the clothes. On redbubble; I wear XL while in France I usually wear XXL. They size large!

link gpsqueeek  

Hum nope that's not the one. There was one with just Pepper and Carrot, and without any background as far as I remember, so potentially out of the episodes but I could not find it in the artworks or screensavers on either P&C website or on the DR website. Or maybe my imagination did that XD

link gpsqueeek  

Oh OK, good to know, I'll try to remember all this information that might be useful one day or another :-°

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