Pepper, Shichimi and Coriander.

Here is three portraits: Pepper, Shichimi and Coriander. I painted them while writing future episode 31. The preproduction is still in progress and I'm also working on an official e-shop and a self-publishing project. This mini portraits were a good way to review all the steps of my workflow and detect how various line-art style affect my design, the colored result and finally the whole mood of this mini scenes.

If you are curious of the steps, all layers are inside the Krita files sources and named. You can download them along high resolution on Pepper&Carrot sources folder, in "artworks" (Krita 4.2.6 or better adviced).

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link Pip   - Reply

Nice! I love them. especially Shichimi's. I think she's the most interesting unexplored character in the comic. Is it just me, though, or are her horns missing?

link Anonymouse   - Reply

Those "horns" aren't missing, she just took her hair-piece out.

Yay, David! This is wonderful. I do so love Shichimi's. She looks great with long hair!

link Pip   - Reply

They're not part of her body??? Wow... Too bad, this slightly inhuman touch to her physique was really cool.

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Thanks! Anonymouse is right, Pip: I posted on the reply to the discussion on Mastodon here a picture describing the haircut of Shichimi. Maybe I need to draw her in a scene where she reposition it into her hair (or remove it) before showing Shichimi without it. Thank you for the feedback!

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