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I'm writing this blog post to inform you that the future episode 30 storyboard is now available for "beta-reading". It's a story I wrote without speechbubbles about Carrot. The artworks are still very rough and you'll find on this storyboard only bright-grey digital pencil sketches with perspective and anatomy "eyeballed". While drawing this pass, I was mainly focused into the story and the composition of the panels.

You'll find a link to read the full pages [SPOILER ALERT]
on the thread on Framagit.

As you might already know, I open the full process of my episodes since a long time. I open it without requiring you to be my patron or locking this process behind a paywall (as most of other artists does nowaday...). All my videos, sources files, wallpapers, making-of, tutorials and brushes are free/libre and online. So, if you like the content I'm producing and the way I'm doing it, consider to hit that red button on the top-right of my website and support my work. I guarantee you'll make an happy artist. ;-) (PS: And by the way, I'm sending here a big big thanks to my patrons!)

License: "Production report, ep30: Storyboard" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
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I love it!!!!!! I really like the silent episode tradition and it seems like this might be the best one yet. Carrot is so adorable.

I have one remark (I hope it's okay I'm writing it here, I don't have a github account yet): I'm not sure, but something about the beginning of the story kinda makes it look like Carrot still doesn't know them, which was a little confusing. Perhaps showing him leaving the house in the beginning could have made it clearer. But maybe it's just me; no one else wrote anything about it.

Regarding the name: maybe "The Warmth of a Cuddle"?

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Hey, thanks for the nice word and the feedback; and no problem to give feedback here.

That's a good point, especially for the total hypothetical new comer to the series who have no idea of the pre-established relation between Pepper&Carrot and the three godmothers of Pepper. I think I can assume this detail is ok for an episode 30; but I'll have to really work on getting the villager woman and her cat visually really different; also the house and village. Color and details will probably solve that.

Thanks for the title; it's a good one and I like how it has potential to lead reader out of track with the word 'warmth' ; expecting something with more fire, or more chimney involved as a twist (because I know part of the audience prepare themselves for a twist while reading, and are often disapointed if they can guess it on the way).

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I'm glad you liked it! And yes, I think at this point it's a good idea to assume readers are familiar with the story. It adds depth to the comic and gives a feeling of a 'reward' to consistent readers.

By the way, I was really sad to hear you had to deal with anxiety and doubts, and that 4 members left the project. I hope you are doing better now. Just so you'd know, this comic is a real source of happiness for me, and I'm really really glad you decided not to give up on it.

Good luck and all the best :)

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