It's boiling hot... blllblllblllblllblllblll...

Hey patrons and readers! The weather temperature has been over 30°C since a big week here and it's boiling hot! This artwork comes from a series of sketches I have done in June. It was challenging to paint it today with the water transparency and the mix of solid and organic shapes but I'm happy with the result. I put the HD here (if you click on it) and I release this picture under the Creative Commons Attribution license. I painted it on Krita 4.2.2 + Cintiq 13HD on Kubuntu 18.04. Krita 4.2 generation is running very well here, 4.2.2 is very stable, smooth and I really enjoy using it. I probably not entered a new bug report since two or three weeks. That should help me for producing future episode 30.

On other news, I start to see the completion of the various freelance comissions I accepted in May/June and I enjoyed this break in-between my usual rythm of episodes and tutorials. I still have work to do to complete two bigger pack in my comissions but I'll handle the remaining part in parralal of a new Pepper&Carrot episode production.

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link Anonymouse   - Reply

*Insert global heating fact here*

Good work! Fairies are so cute! :3

link Anonymous   - Reply

Excellent :-D

link Abra   - Reply

It’s also boiling hot in Istanbul :(

Your ideas are always very unique and the way you paint them is amazing. Very well done *clapclap*

link Faraway   - Reply

27.4° Last week. It's winter (Brazil)

link TappedOut   - Reply

Start exporting that.

link Alberto   - Reply

Awesome work!!
I wish I could be on the glass. Here in El Salvador is terribly hot too :(

link D   - Reply

Did Pepper grow wings all of a sudden? ;)

link Vulphere   - Reply

Great art!

link Nay-Owe-Me   - Reply

Well, that drink's ruined. ;p

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