Interview for Touhoppai during Caramanga

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The video interview is in French but English subtitles are available in the settings.

Many thanks to the team Touhoppai for this interview conducted on March 9, 2019 during the 4th edition of Caramanga (I went there for a signing session). Super work and subtitles in English and French... wow! 👍

You can also watch the interview on Peertube:

Some of the links mentioned in the video:
Creative Commons:
Blender Foundation:
Morevna project:
Cosplay pepper&carrot: article587/cosplay-by-maria-and-ekaterina

The Touhoppai team:
Voice: Hana (Daphné Lis)
Editing: zeograd (Olivier Jolly)
Documentation and transcription: Kagami (Mélanie Fauvergue)

This video is under CC-BY license, with attribution to David Revoy and Touhoppai as well as the Morevna project and the Blender Foundation in case of reuse of their logo or illustrations.

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link Arlo James Barnes   - Reply

I love that Peertube has a torrent download. However, subtitles are not included, how can I obtain them?

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Hey, I'll ask to the author if Peertube can have them or if it doesn't have the feature (or at the time posted).
Meanwhile, the best option can maybe to use youtube-dl with a line like that:
youtube-dl --all-subs --skip-download

link Arlo James Barnes   - Reply

Worked like a charm (a particularly straightforward one, maybe from Magmah?)

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