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link David Revoy  

For this new episode, I tried an original take on the classic "a Heros saves the world from the attack of a large creature". This chapter closes the trilogy about Coriander's coronation and now Pepper is offially accepted and part of Chaosah. This is also the end of a sort of "Season 3" in my mind. Under the story of this episode hides a deeper thinking about our small daily actions to make this world a better place. Sometime we don't notice any direct effects but being part of a 'all' they certainly can have hidden very large effects. Maybe we all already saved the world twice today without even noticing it!

link Josep Febrer  

Fantastic work! I really like how your style has evolved!

link Pip  


I wonder how the (grown) Chaosah witches would have handled this dragon creature if it weren't sent back to his dimension... It seems like they were aware of him, and weren't too worried, right? Was it a test - have they opened the portal?

PS, I have a question regarding the French and the English editions - do you write in English and someone translates it to French, or vice versa? Which is the original? I noticed some (admittedly quite insignificant differences). (For instance, in French he says the interdimensional portal was probably opened because of a star alignment or a big event, and in English only the latter, stuff like that).

Anyway, thank you for the episode! Worth the wait. Can't wait to see what's next. The trilogy is over but it seems like you a new storyline has started, and it seems cool :)

link Pip  


I noticed that a main theme in all three episodes of this trilogy is that Pepper's friends don't seem to take her seriously, and that she is increasingly insulted by this, even though she consolidates herself eventually every time. Was this intentional? It was very interesting... I hope you will decide to elaborate on it in future episodes.

link captnfab  

@Pip: Pepper is a free software user, and as such, doomed to be misunderstood/underestimated by her peers :D

link Midgard  

Hi! For episodes 24 through 28 we experimented with doing the original in English, but now it's back to French. When Deevad has written the first draft, it's translated to English. Beta readers then give feedback, which is applied in the English and French version. When the text is finished, the call for translations is sent out and other translators choose which language they start with for their version.

Translation between English and French aims at keeping as much nuances as possible while also making sure the conversation is fluent in both languages. Native French and English speakers keep an eye on this for their respective languages. It means that sometimes things aren't said in exactly the same way.

link Mark  

And, somehow, the band at the castle was playing Raymond Scott's "Powerhouse" while all of this was going on (aka, the music they played in Warner Bros. animations when Rube Goldberg contraptions were running

link Samedi  

Wow, that destroyer of worlds could be interesting for an idea... a game idea.

link Pinkylani  

Absolutely wonderful! I love David’s work so much! Wish I were actually living in Chaosah! I too can bee quite a Pepper, lol Thank you David for giving me something fun and beautiful to read as I continue to recover from a TBI. Your artwork is my wallpaper for my iPad and my PS4 background as well as my avatar on my PS4! Thanks Deevad!

link Craig Maloney  

The rift occurred during the alignment of the moons of Hereva. It started very small, but over time it started to grow. The Chaosah witches are very attuned to different dimensions so they likely noticed what was going on. That's probably why they were a safe distance away (or they were doing some other rituals during this special time).

The Universe Destroyer would have been a challenge. It would have likely destroyed much of Hereva if left unchecked. It is a powerful beast. Whether the Chaosah witches alone or all of the schools together could have defeated him is pure speculation at this point.

link Craig Maloney  

Pepper is from a magical school that few understand. She's also a former Hippiah witch, which is akin to being a farmer. While there's some respect from her friends they don't quite understand her and her school. And Saffron has first-hand experience with one of Pepper's "Lessons" when they encountered the Sage of the Mountain. And she won a potion contest through "questionable" means. The other schools have their own ideas of what Chaosah really means, so naturally they're curious about how it works and what it's used for. But naturally this "lesson" isn't going to be fully understood unless you look at the broader picture.

link Pip  

@Midgard Awesome, thanks. And the translation is great - I didn't mean to imply otherwise! I was just curious in which language David was writing it.

link Pip  

@Craig I see, interesting. So how come they didn't warn anyone, or at least Pepper? Were they preparing for a fight?

link Pip  

@Craig Very interesting, thank you!

So how does the writing process in P&C work? I know you have contributed a lot to the Wiki and you clearly know very much about the world and characters of the comic. Does David read what you write for the wiki and use it when writing new episodes, or do you work together on writing them, or something else? I hope you don't mind me asking. One way or another, you are both doing awesome work :)

link Pip  

The last panel with Pepper and Carrot is a very cute moment between the two of them :) I love it when he gets scared and she comforts him. Is there any chance there is a version of it in the original files with the whole of Carrot's face? I downloaded the source files, but since I don't have Krita I really look at them...

link AlbinoCookie  

I love how the Butterfly Effect is a magic system now! Everything about this series is amazing, the art, the characters. My friends and I have you ever thought about putting Pepper & Carrot on a site like Webtoon? We feel it could really get the comic the attention it deserves!

link Craig Maloney  

David is the main author of Pepper&Carrot. I just took some of his writings and ideas for the strip and have extrapolated them into other areas. We collaborate, sometimes via IRC or the wiki. The only stipulation we have is that what's in the comics is canon. :)

link Craig Maloney  

Let's just say that sometimes the Chaosah witches don't have anyone else's best interests at heart, least of all Pepper. As long as Pepper fulfills her purpose then she's useful. As soon as she doesn't serve their purposes then who knows what they'll do with her. She might already know too much to go back to any of the other schools.

link Darth_Tiktaalik  

The comic wanted to be darker and edgier but was vetoed by Pepper

link Pip  

I see... Very interesting, I thought they were starting to get attached to her. Of course, that might still be true... I really hope we'll see more about those things in future episodes!

link Pip  

Cool! I suppose not everything you have in mind / David is planning to do is in the wiki yet?

link Craig Maloney  

That would ruin the surprises if everything were spelled out, wouldn't it? :)

link Craig Maloney  

The Chaosah witches have their own reasons for wanting / needing Pepper. On the one hand her training guarantees their continued existence as she rebuilds their school. But Thyme may have plans of her own. :)

link Midgard  

Krita is free software (both free-as-in-freedom and free-of-charge), you can very quickly download it at !

Anyway, this is the full version of the panel: . There's no version with Carrot's face in full.

link Pip  

Oh! Intriguing... I hope we'll learn more about them (the Chaosah witches) in the next few episodes, we barely saw them this year.

link Pip  

hehehe, of course :) It's just that for some reason I got the impression everything was done "in the open". But it's better this way :)

link Pip  

Thank you so much!!

link Isuzu Mikoshiba  

What the witches said in the last panel was pretty it getting close to Pepper's testing time or something? Well things get more intense for her after that or will she be a full-blown witch of Chaosah?

link David Revoy Author,

You'll see in next episodes ;-)
(Im happy this mini "cliffhanger" works, thank you for the feedback)

link Korfi2Go  

Best episode so far. I haven't laughed so much in quite a while.

link David Revoy Author,

Thank you very much for your feedback!

link Darth Potato  

I absolutely love it! I can't wait for the next one! Please soon! Also, it was very cool the part with the chain reaction. I would love if there was more of that! Thank you!

link Darth Potato  

I really like your art style, do you think you could post a tutorial on how you draw each character? Also, I looked back at the first comic, and I love how much it has evolved sense the last one!

link Darth Potato  

I can't wait for the next one! This was so great. There are so many ways it could go! Also, I love the style of Chaosah magic. It is making me happy! :)

link Darth Potato  

I wonder what the "test" will be? I honestly can't imagine pepper being like the grown up Chaosah witches! Maybe she will be her own kind of witch. SO COOL! (I have had to many comments. Sorry!)

link No# 2 Fan  

First of all Awesome Comic, secondly would you prefer krita or paint sai 2 for drawing, Krita is rely good but it lags alot, Paint sai on the other hand is rely fast and even though you can get custom brushes, it is not as powerful as krita in terms of editing.

link David Revoy Author,

Hi, thank you for the nice word on Pepper&Carrot :)

You might compare Krita VS PaintSAI because I assume (I might be wrong, but let me develop it might be interesting to show you my point of view) you are in a environment like Windows where you can install both and this environment also promote the illusion you are a customer that is pleased by products; software products and then as a client you can compare, and select the best offer... It's normal on a operating system where everything is for buying and contains adv, spy on your system, etc... Here I'm using a GNU/Linux distribution; Kubuntu (a full Free/Libre operating system with no adv, no spy) where PaintSAI is even not an option because its not an open-source software; not Free/Libre. It mean the author of SAI can sell it; can stop to develop, etc... This is a product. This just doesn't interest me as it would be very short term for me to invest my drawing skill in a product from a company that can decide the price, the end of the product, sell it to another company, etc...

My interest goes of course on Krita; a project you can contribute, assists the meeting of team weekly, bug-report, check code or help the official documentation and even more. Krita might feel as a constant "work-in-progress" regarding quality of release with incremental improvements and sometime even regressions... the team faces complex challenges and have their up and down in a ecosystem of not easy technologies to follow. But that's how open-source community development happens most of the time and at the end you'll find in it only what you put in it first in a way (or what friendly other users put in it first.) It's a collaboration, a result done by donations, involvement, free time, dedication of many. It's not a paradygm for consummer but for contributors. ;-) If it lags on your platform; it mean the amount of beta tester (other users) on your plateform who took the time to report the lag, report the guilty driver or other cause hasn't been done; or the developpers are too busy on other topics to have fixed it. If you care for this common ressource that Krita is and help other digital painter to get a better painting apps and benefit also about it; you should join the project and volunteer on it ;) As an artist, it can only mean painting amazing painting with Krita and give tips about it on social media :)

Now, after this little explanation about my choices, the fun of contribution, and why the paradygm is more important to me than the real performances/features/power of the product; you'll understand why I'm 100% Krita and other FLOSS project (Mypaint, Gimp, Inkscape, Scribus, AZpainter, etc) and not interested in proprietary (SAI, Photoshop, Painter, ClipPaint, Manga Studio, Artrage, etc).

All in all, you might just read all of this as boring philosophy and just enjoy this article that might fix your lag : ; have fun painting :)

link XxcherryxX  

Your artwork is so amazing!!!

P.S. I cant wait 2 see wut pepper's ready for!! Is she gonna do some ceremony thingy?

link David Revoy Author,

Thank you :)

Yes, but right now I have two or three candidate ideas about this and I'm not sure wish one I'll pick.
Next episode is the '30' and on 5,10,15,20,25 I had a little tradition to do muted episode as a creative constrain; and it is often a special episode a bit outside of the main storyline. I already have a storyboard ready for 30; but right now I'm managing a bit the project (website) and continue works for Freelancer clients between episodes.

link surb  

seems like something happen...

link No# 2 Fan  

I can see your point, to be honest the only issue with krita that i have is the lag, and i like paint sai because its a one time payment of 50$. so its not that expensive. But I do see you point. Right now I do the rough sketch and base colors in SAI and the rest in Krita, and even everything works fine in windows 7, its just annoying to run both at the same time every now and then in windows 10.

link cyber worrier  

Step on something pointed and (unintentionally) set fire to the fireworks depository could be the worst mistake he had ever done in entire life. However, he saved the world with that. I like the idea but i'm not sure if someone sue him or not. I hope life is not so cruel in Pepper & Carrot universe :)

link David Revoy Author,

Haha, I'm sure the chain reaction of positive events started by Pepper made him hide in his house and not be tracked for the fire, meet an old nurse to bandage his foot and fall in love as a teenager again, get a renovation of his house funded by Queen Coriander (who decided to move the Fireworks Storage outside on the edge of the city, in industrial area). Life is not cruel in Pepper & Carrot!

link Tanganyikan  

There should be a Pepper & Carrot movie done on blender :-)

link David Revoy Author,


link Parnikkapore  

After the Spring cameo discussed over on Framapiaf? 😁

link Mark Munroe  

Great story, and I love how it ended. A different twist in the whole trying to save the world from an inter dimensional monster plot. Very funny ending if I may say so.

One more thing before I go. My artist friend (I think I have mentioned this before) is helping me turn my fantasy/humor/adventure novel into a comic series (I want to do it in the form of French comics) The cover is nearly finished, and I truly hope to have it published soon.

Please keep up the good work. Peace!

link Mark Munroe  

P.S. I can't wait to see what happens next for Pepper and Carrot (and the rest of the characters) Again, peace.

link Alarido  

Amazing work!
Please make sure of not getting a looooong hiatus here, for Pepper is amazing, and so be it for her friends.
I started translating the whole work into my conlang Juškła (it sounds Yushkwa). Current progress: finished 1st and 2nd episodes and I'm currently working into the website lang.php file. I hope I can finish all of the 29 episodes before 2019 ends.

link Alarido  

For I'd forgot an important thing. Electricity is (at least, it's my feelings in my inside) some sort of magic. Peace and light!

link David Revoy Author,

A new lang? Welcome! (and thank you for the nice words, unfortunately the production of ep30 is not started so it will take some time before a new one); I had check on , and the j* is a category with a lot of room; so you can pick ju (for the folder of the lang). I agree about electricity; but also about all electromagnetic ... and physic forces in general. Gravity is amazing when thinking about the force of Sagitarius 1 for the Sun, the Sun for the Earth, the Earth for our bodies :)

link Vulphere  

Another great episode, I love how you adapted the concept of the world destroyer and now I'm waiting for episode 30.

link Alarido  

A couple of things:
1. a little work on internet freedom: (perhaps I may need fix some things)
2. suggestion for episode #30 - would be something fun about (or in midst of) the Earth's magnetic field inversion event.

link David Revoy Author,

Hi Alarido,
Your link needs Wordpress registration to only read, so I couldn't access it. I feel a bit of irony if it is a work on internet freedom xD
Thanks for the suggestion, magnetic field inversion is a fun a concept but I doubt Pepper could spell something that big all alone :D

link Alarido  

Oh... excuse me >_< I sent the wrong link (the administrative one), so you got the login form ;(

The public link is:

Tested link with IE and worked with no login.

link Richard  

Nice thematic point. Pepper is not a clutz or accident prone. That is her Chaosah nature developing.

link 名無しさん  


link Mona  

Thanks for the episode; I loved the dragon's expression at the end, LOL! (>w<)

link Pverte  

Cet épisode est vraiment génial ! je viens de commencer à regarder tes Webcomics depuis une semaine et je me régale !! J'adore la fin de cet épisode, continue comme ça !!!!!!!

link David Revoy Author,

Merci !

link Auren  

Peppa and carrot fans a symbol

link J  

The true hero of Chaosah was the urban planner who approved a fireworks storage facility in the middle of a residential zone.

link David Revoy Author,

Ha ha, true! At the same time; all the top of Qualicity is residential; but for sure it could have been stored better at the edge of the town. I'm sure they'll consider it the day after this episode. ;-)

link RMPArquimago  

kkk muito bom

link maria schneider  


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