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Production secret: I have a coloring assistant.

I prepared this week all the eight pages of future episode 29 with flat colors and I even started to do shading and detailing backgrounds on a couple of pages. I am on schedule for a release of episode 29 somewhere at the end of next week!

Translation ready: The speechbubbles, texts, onomatopias of episode 29 entered also in 'string freeze' this afternoon (for the French and the English versions). it opens the episode to receive translations before its release. The notes for translators are on this message on Framagit, and if you want to join translation for the first time; you can check how to translate an episode on the documentation.

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Framagit still not work. Also documentation not have episode 29:
- Method using a Web Browser
1. Get the sources
1. From the menu on the website, go to Sources.
2. In the part "Source Center", click the first thumbnail "Webcomic".
Page for Webcomic not have episode 29


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