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A photo of me(left) with Betty Merhi(center) and Daniel Bourcier(right) in the meeting room.

A week ago, I had the honor of being invited to the Creative Commons France offices in Paris to talk about my experience about Pepper&Carrot and the license I'm using for it: the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0. We wanted to meet for a long time and we had already exchanged on the phone before that but never long enough. It was interesting meet "in real-life" and take the time to cross our opinions because Pepper&Carrot remains a rather particular case of large-scale use of the license: with the community, the translations and a growing number of derivations of which one is commercial and popular (mainly the edition of Glénat in French). The talk led us to share the lunch together and we spent most of the afternoon talking. I was eager to talk about my concerns, constraints, limitations and my opinions on the future of licenses in the context of artistic creation. Thanks again to Betty Merhi, Daniel Bourcier and Primavera De Filippi for their welcome and all their work on this wonderful set of licenses. Ps: If you are in Paris this weekend, do not miss the afternoon/evening organized by Creative Commons France for their fifteen years with many guests. I paste the event poster here with all the info in:

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link Charles Norris-Brown  

Would love to know what you arrived at from the meeting. Is it shared somewhere? Sorry to be a little late.

link David Revoy Author,

Hey Charles; we had a long discussion; I wanted to discuss about the limitation of CC contents on social media (more and more require the poster to be 100% owner of all author right of the art; while in a collaborative piece you can get multiple authors and have a longer list of attribution; something the social media can't garrantee to respect if reusing the art according of the ToS). I also discussed about my "Fair Trade" CC license idea; a sort of middle license in-between CC-By and CC-Nc; and wanted to discover how CC France was working, what project they work on, etc... I also spoke about the CC license between Glénat and P&C; and the experience with the fraudulent Kickstarter campaign and CC usages... They recorded an hour of the meeting (interview in French); I'm not sure if it was published. We had a good time meeting for sure.

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