Fedeylin 1 book cover

Fedeylin book cover t.1 , a book written by Nadia Coste
Mypaint , Gimp-painter. Last week, I traveled to Paris to do a cartoonist job ( while Blend&Paint is getting an english correction at the Blender Institute ). It was a pleasant job because of the place : on a boat on the Seine ( the major river in Paris ). Aside of this cool job, I spent a bit of time with my publisher Gründ too, and we talked about next book cover. I'm not used to talk on my blog about the book cover and board game I illustrate because they are mostly not traduced and only in French. But I decided to change my mind and showcase from time to time the cover artworks. Under, the book cover with the titles : fedeylins nadia coste t1 links ( fr ) :
Nadia ' blog : http://fedeylins.blogspot.com/
Official website : http://fedeylins.fr/
Publisher : http://www.grund.fr/

License: "Fedeylin 1 book cover" by David Revoy − Copyrighted (do not reuse without explicit permission).
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