Dw5 : Goddess Apocalypse Speedpainting

Thanks for your feedbacks and comments about my littles silhouettes posted last week , I selected the 2 most famous ( from comments) of them : The mermaid ( #1 ) and the pregnant one ( #7 ). I started to work on both, but I immediatly get more attracted on all the new anatomical problem of the #7 , and started a speedpainting around to play with concept art, and find something I think good enough for the contest. Goddess ' Apocalypse ' I painted a goddess pregnant of a new planet with a veil and a weapon. Within the other Dominance War gods, she's the one of the end of the world ... and born. That's why I choosed her name to be Apocalypse ( mean from Greek "lifting of the veil" or "revelation"). From the technical side of the artwork, I used only Gimp-painter. Doing veils and playing with transparency is a good exercice, as well as to find the good balance of color to show the planet inside her. Next step : Background, detailing and model sheet.

License: "Dw5 : Goddess Apocalypse Speedpainting" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
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