Dw5 : Goddess Apocalypse Speedpainting

Thanks for your feedbacks and comments about my littles silhouettes posted last week , I selected the 2 most famous ( from comments) of them : The mermaid ( #1 ) and the pregnant one ( #7 ). I started to work on both, but I immediatly get more attracted on all the new anatomical problem of the #7 , and started a speedpainting around to play with concept art, and find something I think good enough for the contest. Goddess ' Apocalypse ' I painted a goddess pregnant of a new planet with a veil and a weapon. Within the other Dominance War gods, she's the one of the end of the world ... and born. That's why I choosed her name to be Apocalypse ( mean from Greek "lifting of the veil" or "revelation"). From the technical side of the artwork, I used only Gimp-painter. Doing veils and playing with transparency is a good exercice, as well as to find the good balance of color to show the planet inside her. Next step : Background, detailing and model sheet.

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link André VAZ   - Reply

Awesome !!!

link Godzillu   - Reply


J'ai l'impression que la pliure du coude est un peu basse mais je me trompe peut-être.

Le travail sur les transparences est énorme.

Vivement l'étape suivante!

link Deburger   - Reply

nice job, great idea with planet!

p.s. dont you think that shoulder is to long? ...and something wrong with shadow on the face oO

link deburger   - Reply

oops... thats veil, im sorry

anyway good job! thanks for sharing

link Arco   - Reply

Very cool! A pregnant goddes, never heard of such one. :-P But what is in her hear? A sort of branch with lights on it?

link REVOY David Author, - Reply

@André VAZ : Thanks for the visit and for the comment :)

@Godzillu : Merci, bien noté pour le coude, à corriger donc pour ma mise au propre.

@ Deburger : Thanks for the 2 comments ; I must add a texture to this veil on face to be sure it's obvious it's not a shadows. Thank for this indication.

@ Arco : Oh yep ; I forgot to erase this old accessories when I tryed to do a goddess of nature in my painting process. She look like a christmass tree with it; I must find a something better. :)

link Omar Ramírez   - Reply

Looking really good. Must say this is really the right choice. quite interesting and original concept.

Model Sheet o_O, OMG, will you be releasing that under CC? XD I'd really love to try and model her in 3D once it's done.

link Glenn   - Reply

So did you really use GIMP-Painter? Not Krita? GIMP-Painter has been discontinued, but of course, you could still be using it. Just wondered why not Krita?

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Hey Glenn. The artwork is from 2011, Krita at this time was still too crashy and slow to paint full time on it. I was already in touch with the Krita team, but the dev finished to adapt Krita for my minimal spec around 2012. Between 2009 and that time I used Gimp-painter and Mypaint a lot, this artwork is part of that period.

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