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I completed #inktober2017 ! I published my last artworks this week on tuesday 31 (and then I spent the last part of the week to upgrade my computer to Ubuntu 17.10). Thank you again for all your feedback, you were a lot to follow my daily post on Mastodon, Twitter or Facebook and that was really cool. Thanks to my operating system being functional again, I spent a part of this week-end to review my Inktober artworks and scan each one of them in higher resolution and retouch them to keep only a black and white result. Then I made a high quality PDF version with all of them, ready to read or ready to print. Feel free to print it as a coloring book, publish it or tweak it for your e-book reader. The sources and result are distributed under CC-By, more information inside the PDF itself, page two. I hope you'll like it!

Download: peppercarrot_october2017_artbook.pdf (69MB)

( source *.odg | sources artworks )

License: "Inktober 2017 PDF" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
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