link Lexi   - Reply

These need to be Stickers for Telegram! :D
Maybe even for Facebook. o.o

link Eric   - Reply

This needs to happen

Carrot stickers for Telegram!

link Santiago.A   - Reply

I didn`t know there was an interational Cat Day!
By the way, do you know about a good free open souruce book editing software?, Im planing to do an artobook.

link user   - Reply

scribus is a great desktop publishing tool (Free Software). https://scribus.net

link Santiago.A   - Reply


link Pit   - Reply

This is awesome!!!! I've never heard of international cat day. Do you have these at a higher resolution by any chance?

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Thanks! For the hd, I though I posted it somewhere but I just went on sources/orginals and I can't see it. I'll probably need to scan it again if I put my hand on the original drawing.

link Pit   - Reply

I see, so don't worry about it :] And thanks for replying!

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