Fan-made exhibition at cultural center in Maisons-Alfort, France

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Anne Louvard, lead of the Cultural Center Charentonneau in Maisons-Alfort, France took the sources of Pepper&Carrot artworks, printed them and presented them in an exhibition during an event about comics. (It's something you can do without asking my permission, thanks to the permissive Creative Commons Attribution license, and I encourage it!) The event is over now, it took place in May 2017. Many thanks for her work on the exhibition. I wasn't attending this event, but I discovered the exhibition on the photo she sent me (below). I especially liked the composition of large frames with multiple prints inside it: she printed original artworks side by side with finished pages; a very good idea to show how final illustrations are designed.

Episode two fully printed on the left

Overview of the exhibition (during the opening speech, I guess)

Crop of the previous photo