My house has been robbed

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Bad news: while I was traveling to visit my family for Easter, my house got robbed... A lot of stuff was taken: my new Wacom tablet, our laptops, photo camera, external disks, and jewelry (cheap items, but some with strong sentimental value). The main door of my house was broken and all the shelves at home were emptied on the floor. It's a really difficult situation to manage and right now I'm still spending a lot of time cleaning, filling administrative paperwork and trying to recover calm and serenity. On the bright side: Noutti and Tigrette -our cats- are both healthy and fine. I also haven't lost any important data: I kept a fresh backup with me during my travel and the only data I lost were my "long term archives" on disks at home (bye bye things before 2010...). Another good surprise: I still have my desktop PC at home and my two LCD screens. They were probably too big and too old to be stolen quickly (screens were also fixed on Ergotron mount arms). I reconnected an old Intuos4 Medium tablet to it that I was saving in the attic, a bit small for production but better than nothing. Also, my furniture, clothes, bed, etc, at home were spared by the cruel and gratuitous destruction. So, I do my best to adapt my productivity to this new situation and not rush the next long episode of Pepper&Carrot. I think it will be ready in the beginning of May instead of the end of April (10 pages long! A new record! because it's the core of "the magic contest #2", an important one). How can you help? If you want to support me, thank you! Just support the production of the next episode of Pepper&Carrot via Patreon (or alternatively: Liberapay or Tipeee) if you can. It will help me get more resources to replace what I lost. (I sincerely doubt my cheap house insurance will pay me back the tools I lost, or even a fraction of their original price...) I appreciate your contribution if you can help or if you already do! And a special thanks for the feedback, advice and help I received in this thread on Mastodon when I first knew I have been robbed. Time for zen music, pumping back confidence... and continue production.

License: "My house has been robbed" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
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