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Video: demonstration of the playable alpha 0.1 version

Today, I want to highlight a derivative Pepper&Carrot video game and open-source project named "Pepper&Carrot - Endless Runner Game", made by WinterLicht. A first alpha build was released not long ago for both desktop computers and Android devices:

Desktop computer:

(Java, MD5checksum: 287777fd9a2c797c2a8fe0e6cb710684)

Playing on Ubuntu 20.04LTS

The game works with Java 8 and Ubuntu 20.04 has Java 11 installed. To launch the game, I installed :

sudo apt install openjdk-8-jdk

Then I setup java default environment (to ensure to continue to use 11 as default after the install of 8)

sudo update-alternatives --config java

Then I could also manually launch the game

/usr/lib/jvm/java-8-openjdk-amd64/jre/bin/java -jar PepperCarrotEndlessRunner_v0-1alpha_for-desktop.jar

(src: Thanks MoonDragon-MD investigation on the related issue on Github)

Android APK:

PepperCarrotEndlessRunner_v0-1alpha_for-android.apk (Android, MD5checksum: e69b06b0b93f2b887adc01777e7d50b3)

All the code and assets of this game are Free, Libre and Open-Source (code under GPLv3 and assets under CC-By 4.0), and are available on GitHub. But I'll also host here a snapshot ZIP just in case.

(sources,MD5checksum: a76ca1a32ff0585e174c1f316ec87c43). WinterLicht is looking for new contributors! (musics, sound-fx, code, packaging, graphics, website, etc...) So, if you have related skills and want to help a beautiful project, feel welcome to improve something. This little open-source game deserves love and attention :-) Thank you WinterLicht for all the work done so far!

License: "Endless Runner Game by WinterLicht" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
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link Ret Samys  

Oh, this is so cool!
Ah, too bad, I can't actually play the Desktop version. I mean, everything is fine, but the foreground graphics won't load.
The Android version works flawlessly, though! Gah, I wish I had the skills to contribute something.

link niv zisling  

amazing game!!
on pc I fond the dobel jamp a bit unprodictbal, asid from that it is abslotly amazing.
WinterLitch you got talant/

link Chezz  

I would've preferred if the game had more player control over it. Sort of like a metroidvania type of game were you can jump, move left or right and go wherever you want instead of constantly moving in one direction. I mean when the character's only moving forward, you sort of loose that opportunity to just stop and take a look at the visuals.
That's only my opinion anyway. The game's still really great even as an endless runner :)

link David Revoy  

Thanks for the feedback!

link TappedOut  

Chezz et al, A completely unrelated question to the Endless Runner Game concept: is there any Libre Metrovania game engine worth forking/modding for a Pepper&Carrot project?

I could totally see reusing assets for a new game.

link Needhelp  

Sorry. We are still creating our game.

But when we finish you will have much more opportunities in exploring a small open world.

link SudoLinux  

This is pretty cool. I will check it out.

link womry  

love it :D <3

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