Pepper&Carrot derivation: an Android e-reader app by Interactive Box

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1 min quick demo on my old Galaxy Note, sorry for quality, video shot with my webcam

A young compagny, Interactive Box, used Pepper&Carrot sources and files to create a comic reader on Android mobile, smartphone and tablet. To install the application, go to the Android app store ( Google Play ) here. The application is smooth and focus on panels for an optimal reading comfort on small screens. Look at the description on the Google play store for a complete list of the features, and prices. A free version contains the 12 first chapters, then Interactive Box setup a paying system inside the app for accessing to new chapters. Interactive Box will pay me half of the benefits done by the sell of the application.

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link Abdulla Emad   - Reply

Amazing , is it only for the English ??, thank you , my nephews will love to read it

link Alex_IB   - Reply


Yes I'm sorry it's only in english for the moment. I'm still working on it and multilingual is one of my top priority :)

Have a good day

link Alex_IB   - Reply


The update is available, the application will now download data based on the user's language, if a translation exists for that language... :)

link tika bisono   - Reply

looks good, Let's install it

link Alex   - Reply

I just posted a new version of the app (I rewrote the animation part, it was causing big issue on some android version).
I hope it'll work for everyone now, and that you'll have some fun with the fifteen puzzle I added few weeks ago.

The iOS version should be available "soon", I'm waiting approvement to release it.

Have a good day

link tutuapk   - Reply

The app is great except for two problems. 1. If there are any pictures in an epub file, then they are shown in a very reduced size. 2. I really like collections feature. Problem is, many books come midway between two main books. These books are numbered fractionally. For example, in Lee Child's 'Jack Reacher' series six books that are numbered fractionally.

link David Revoy Author, - Reply

Thank you for the feedback tutuapk!
Unfortunately, I doubt the author of this app for Interactive Box will read this post and so your feedback might get lost...
Can you contact them ( I'm sure they propose a email somewhere ) or comment on the appstore directly ?

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