License: "Episode 14: The Dragon's Tooth" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
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link Marcos  

Congratulation, amazing episode, love your storytelling, always a marvelous twisting in the end.
I'm not a patreon but for sure when printing compacts became available i will buy.

link Aixlen  

Wonderful as ever!! I couldn't wait for this one, neither for the next one!! You are the best David!!

link Jo  

Beaux dragons !
J'avais deviné pour la plante, mais très bonne trouvaille le dentiste gratuit ^^
Au pire, Pepper pourra toujours revendre son stock de dents au premier chevalier errant en mal de trophée qui passera.

link LuckyLuigi  

Loved it as always.
Never give up, never surrender ! :)

link eleefece  

My favorite so far!

link Chalo Canaria  

Pepper's face at the end, hahahaha!
Great as ever, David!

link Kyrio  

As always, your illustrations are insanely beautiful. I can guess why this one took longer than usual, as there is a large variety of landscapes, colors, perspectives and effects.

link Craig Jones  

This was very well written, and the ending was funny. I do love the color ranges you are getting in the panels, too

link j-rocky  

I think you're not doing an experiment with pencil anymore? so everything here is looks digital painted? btw Good Work!

link zosia  

Może Pepper się wybierze na wyprawe do smoczej jaskini i by zrobili b występ i sklep z przyjaciółmi

link Will  

That was fantastic! I've seen a lot of dragons but never a swamp dragon; that should be explored in an episode some how? Mud...EXCELLENT way of approaching the field of dragons! Don't get me wrong, the other ones are great too!

link anubhav  

Very well illustrated and inspiring work! Made me laugh!! Thnks fr ur work..

link Bárbara  

I love Pepper & Carrot! So cute, so magic, so funny! ^^

link Pedram  

Wonderful! :)

link Kamean  

So funny!
So cute!

link Sophy  

i like it!

link Hugo  


link Arsene_M  

Pepper ne fais peut être pas une bonne Chaosah mais c'est une véritable génie ^^
Super épisode !

link Nauard  

Excellent !
Et les illustrations sont magnifiques, comme d'habitude :)

link Ryan  

HA! I love it!

link HYang  

Hahaha poor dragons. Priceless.

link Artful Butterfly  

So fun to read!! love the blue bird's shocked expression. You are a master at drawing emotions!

link Kevin Dwiki Saputra  

This is very heartwarming and funny. I really love it, really :D

link Koreykilbane  

I think my favorite little detail in this one was Carrot's helmet pot. The whole thing is great, but I just think that Carrot believing that pot will protect him from dragons is adorable.

link Vincent  


link french business school  

Yay another episode ! Well sir you deserve big applause. This is insanely awesome !

link Socnat  

Is this digitally painted ? If so, you nailed it dude.The swamp dragon thing is freaky awesome !

link Victor Cavalcanti  

I'm amazed at the ending! That light-hearted humour is lovable!

I'd like to ask about your storytelling (or writing mode, really). Do you plan one episode at a time, one after another, or do you already have a lot of episodes planned and written ahead of the one you're drawing at the time?

link David Revoy Author,

@Victor Cavalcanti : Thank you, I write many ideas on notes, sometime full episodes aside drawing/painting. Most of the time, it's just scenes, interesting starts, or endings. I also have a background story that I try to follow. I try to not write too much ahead, because I like the freedom to insert in a episode content related to what I'm living: my emotions, my inspiration and things that interest me. This way I can sync my emotions while painting with the mood of the episode. Each episode, I try to solve this puzzle and create a new story. Thanks again for your comment!

link Victor Cavalcanti  

@David REVOY

Thank you for the insight! With my current project I've always tried to write as many pages ahead as I could, but when I get to draw the page after having written it a lot of time ago it feels a little bit disconnected from the point I am right now. It's nice for continuity, since I can plan really ahead, but feels a little weird at the same time.

link cefam  

I’ve been waiting for this one. As usual, awesome storytelling and amazing drawing skills. I liked the dentist part :D

link LiquidMetal  

Wow, I love the dragon picture!

link Mewbits  

This is such a cute comic!


Sujet extra, je vais le partager sur facebook

link Софья  

Спасибо большое! Очень понравилось!

link Hegwid van beethovan  

I love this comic

link roboq6  

I just noticed that Pepper is left-handed. Look at the second frame where she holds a feather

link David Revoy  

That's a really good observation Roboq6, I'm not sure I did it on purpose, but that's definitely something I have to remember next time I show her writing or using a hand to do something precise.

link Pip  

That's interesting, because she's also writing with her left hand in episode 8! But I think she usually holds her wand in her right hand (episode 8 and 24 - although in one panel in 24 it's in her left hand).

link David Revoy  

Ha, interesting and thanks for double checking threw all the episodes. I'll try to keep this pattern.

link LOLCAT  

That was SO good! How do you come up with this stuff?

link Craig Maloney  

There's an in-world explanation for this, but a little back-story.

My aunt and uncle had a pool table and I learned to play pool from my oldest cousin. He is left-handed, so he taught me how to play left-handed. I only realized this later on when I played pool with other folks and someone pointed out that I was doing it differently from other right-handed folks.

So perhaps she is indeed left-handed but has chosen / been forced to use her right hand for her wand.

One of the closest analogs to magical wants is the conductor's baton and there is precedence for left conductors to mirror the patterns of right-handed conductors (down, left, right, up) instead of what would be natural for a left-handed conductor (down, right, left, up). In things like ritual magic perhaps there is a case for doing everything exactly as it is taught to you, lest the ritual somehow be disturbed.

(More on that here:

It seems that Cumin plays guitar right-handed, and Thyme / Cayenne also appear to be right-handed. It would seem that Pepper would be learning her wand technique from right-handed folks.

link roboq6  

David, by any chance, are you left-handed?

link David Revoy  

I'm right-handed. ( I think a larger percent of drawer/artist are left-handed, compare to other work )

link David Revoy  

Thank you !
This one was inspired by the dandelions flower ; ( in French , "dent de lions" means "lion's tooth" ). While reading this fun fact, I got the idea of this story.

link roboq6  

And one more thing, today I checked all your comic and noticed following things, maybe you will be interested:

In episode 13 Coriander holds a feather in her left hand, making me suspect that she is left-handed. As for Pepper, she holds her feather in her RIGHT hand ... Maybe she is an ambidexter? And by the way, please notice that although Shichimi doesn't hold her feather, it's placed on her left side. Doesn't look like comfortable position for a right-handed person.

In episode 23 Pepper uses her left hand to write an autograph in her dream.

In the same episode, when she is about to sign a contract with a Genie of Success she holds a feather in the right hand.

link Ashragon  

Hello David, I really love your work. I've read many webcomics but this one is easily the best.

link LOLCAT  

That's clever!

link Henry  

War cool

link Valley  


link dan  

i predicted the end.

link ArrozMolinho  

The art of this comic is so good!

link David Revoy Author,

Thank you! 🧡

link zykaylia  

i like it

link Lil  

I think this one of your best! Your artwork is wonderful and the story is perfect!

link Ascool  

well done! always like your artwork

link Ascool  

The comic is wonderful and the story is cool and funny keep it up

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