License: "Episode 11: The Witches of Chaosah" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
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link Raghavendra Kamath  

Hahahaha the end :). you always surprise us.

link bloodywing  

My heart! Poor pepper :(

link Cyrille Largillier  

Très bon épisode. Merci !

link David Revoy Author,


@Cyrille Largillier : Merci spécial ! ;-)

link Kamean  

Amazing! What a surprise! ^_^

link Binh Pham  

I love this kind of ending, so diverse.

link Jooncat  

Aww, poor Pepper! Great comic, I love it!

link Mariana Flores  

i so not see that coming!!!
I was so high up for romance.

link Juan José Segura  

Gotta love Cayenne!!!

link Willem  

These unexpected endings are what I love about Pepper&Carrot :D And the awesome art of course! Great episode once again, I'm still laughing :D

link Bill  

Hold on, when she kissed him, did she turn him into a toad? Because that'd be hilarious.

link Chalo  

hehehe, poor Pepper :P
I was wondering who her parents were. Great episode, David ;)
Oh, and I send you an e-mail to I don't know if you received it.

link Phlynx  

For a second, I thought this was going to become a romance comic. I'm happy it didn't. Good ending.

link bitflipper  

Great episode! You caught me completely by surprise and had me laughing aloud by the end, even with Pepper's tears of distress.

O-kay, so we know Cayenne's and Cumin's names; who's the white-haired Witch of Chaosa? Angelica? Rue? Yarrow, perhaps?

link bitflipper  

By the way, since Pepper pretty much embodies contradictions, being a witch of Chaosah and of Hippiah at opposite sides of Hereva's Triangle of Magic, could she not also embody the contradiction of being a _nice_ Witch of Chaosah?

link Itz  

Jajajajajajajajaja poor Pepper, she just wanted a little kiss, but no, her godmothers trolling her XD

Très bon épisode ;D

link Alexis Rodea  

Excellent work! Is there an option to donate using paypal?

link poke9dude  

stop being so mean, cayenne weatherwax

link sam  

Why are you not on taptastic?

link sam  


link bitflipper  

@poke9dude: Remember the Esme Weatherwax isn't mean, per se; she just does what is needed, when it's needed, without silly sentimentality. But never without compassion. Perhaps Cayenne address herself in the same way; she may believe that to command and to be the best requires one to be hard.

Maybe Pepper can show her that there are other ways...

link libre fan  

Il n'y aurait pas une faute dans la version FR, Page 2: «Tais-toi» sans S?

Au diable ces sorcières :-(

link M1dgard  

@libre fan
Opened a pull request :)

link Sprofy  

Thanks... lovely...

link agario  

stop being so mean, cayenne weatherwax

link Émilien  

@libre fan
non pas de faute.

Très beau travail sur cet épisode une fois de plus !

link Salsa  

This is so beautiful and fun to read. Please pleeeease more. What is going to happen to Pepper?
I really can't wait. :-)

link Waaat  

Did she just try to rape him?!?!

link libre fan  

@Émilien - malentendu: «tais-tois» était une faute (S à toi) mais «tais-toi» est bon.

link Nina  

@Waaat: It's safer to assume that Pepper was merely trying to kiss him. This is a family friendly comic with no PG-13 or R-18 content.

link Drina  

Ahh. I'm romantic. My ideas... You broke my heart....

link Anonamoose  

I can't wait for the next one, which by my estimations, should be coming in the next few days.

link MuserMini  

Desperately waiting for the next episode! You're just amazing <3 <3

link Banyar Oo  

Haha....romantic and funny

link Moses  

Haha Nice ending.

link Moses  

Haha Nice ending.

link Budi Raharja  


link Erick Cerritos  

This is fantastic, I discovered your comics recently and love them so much in Spanish and English!

link Fiore  

Hahaha, whose first reaction to seeing an attractive guy sleeping is to just walk up and kiss them on the mouth?

link Aaron  

I guess you could say the godmothers were...



link Aaron  

Because I'm sure that joke isn't centuries-old...

link Sakura  

I wonder if the king actually is that young

link Sakura  

You said that twice

link dan  

uh huh

link Zykaylia Tamia Clark  

abcdefu and your mom

link Justin Case  

I liked the suprise ending!

link Amanda Hosler  

But but she could have played with his heart... those women didn't see that potential?!

link Lil  

Poor Pepper...

link Lil  

Really good twist to the story, I did not expect that!

link Ascool  

well poor pepper but very sussy dreams

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