Pepper&Carrot reach 500 patrons!

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The last week of September 2015, a first item of my Dream TO-DO List was checked.
Pepper&Carrot has now over 500 supporters on Patreon !
Thank you ! Status of other dreams :

☑ be supported by 500 patreons
☐ Give a talk in a Japanese comic convention about Pepper&Carrot
☐ Play with a gamepad to a Pepper&Carrot video-game
☐ Get a gallery of 100 fan-arts
☐ Get a Wikipedia page
☐ Receive a photo of a Pepper cosplay
☐ Receive a photo of a red cat named Carrot
☐ Reach episode 100

License: "Pepper&Carrot reach 500 patrons!" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
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