Postcard for homeless by Rock Trust

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Are you living around Edinburgh ? If yes, then it's your chance to get an original pencil artwork of "Pepper&Carrot doing a selfie" ( photo above ) and help a Charitable Organization. The Rock Trust works to help young people who are homeless across Edinburgh and the Lothians.
To raise money, they organize each years a Post-card exhibition with artworks of volunteers artists. It's the third time I participate. This year, 170 postcards , and the exhibition already started ! .. Exact place, hours, and more informations on their blog post .
congratz to the Rock Trust team !

License: "Postcard for homeless by Rock Trust" by David Revoy −
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link Crystal  

I'd pay for one or more plus shipping to the U.S., if you could do that and donate the proceeds for me. They're adorable!

link David Revoy Author,

@Crystal : Thank you :)
I don't know if the Rock Trust accept shipping ; but nowaday shipping an artwork is easy for sure, so I guess you can ask them ;
One of my project for this autumn is to try to collect 'original artworks' around Pepper&Carrot and open a little 'shop' with it. But I have many things to study before being able to do it : shipping price, how cost good envelopes and if my working status allow me to sell real objects to the international. It can be complex and require an infrastructure pretty big. If all of this is too complex, I'll send original artwork as 'present' for mini online-challenge, or on my supporter/etc...

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