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ah? hah!

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First, very nice optical illusion. :) Congratulation.

Then, I red the magic system (Chaos&Evolutions... Hmm... sounds familiar ^^) and I have a question about that : "It is strictly prohibited to document Ah". It's prohibited, ok, but by who ? Does exist some kind of suprem magic authority?

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I love it!! :D

link Tami   - Reply

Beautiful design! :)

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Salut, superbe gravure, et merci pour tout ces tutos, je suis entrain d installer kunbutu kde, car sur windows krita marche pas bien... et je les mange a la petite cuillère merci et a bientot

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Oh, man! I love both the ilustration and the wiki! This world you just created is fantastic. I'm waiting to see more of it :)

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Thanks for the comments !

@kram1032 : yes, Ah ! :-)

@Jo : Thank you :) good question about Ah, answering it would probably be understood as a form of documentation, and it's *really* prohibited :p
More seriously, Ah itself is the magic that rules all other ones, and the prohibition is done by the school itself. But Shhhh , it's a secret ;-)

@Chmidis : Good luck with Kubuntu/KDE ; GNU/Linux world is complex ! But once getting used to it and all the weirdies and workaround, it's the ultimate home . :)

link Jo   - Reply

Thank you for your answer :-)
I'll keep the secret, I promise ! ^^

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Wow, de design of the wallpaper and the magic of Pepper and Carrot's world is very great.

But I have a question. Why the logo of Kielbasah looks a sausage (frankfurter). And no, I not hungry while I writhing 😒

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

@Itz : Hehe, because 'Kielbasa' is a famous sausage type ( from Poland ). But more deeply, if you go the wiki, and read the bottom of the page , you'll find a text on why the old 'Magmah' school was changed to 'Kielbasah'. :-)

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