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A post that list all the update of this website, but also Pepper&Carrot. I'll update this post at each important website update.

Version 2.4

[ November 2016 ] General cleaning

  • Blog sidebar is now better : display fan-art, last comments, etc...
  • Homepage was too heavy with 20 episodes thubmnails image to load : they are now moved to a dedicated 'webcomics' new page.
  • Homepage now display the latest 6 blog posts.
  • New Diaspora icons on the top.
  • New cover with "second cover" artwork.
  • Smarphone support improved.
  • New rounded font for Japanese.

Version 2.3

[ Jully 2016 ] Refactoring of the fan-art and fan-fiction part of the website :

  • I split both of them from the blog and refactored the 'contribute' page.

Version 2.2

[ June 2016 ] Refactoring of the source page:

Version 2.1

[ May 2016 ] All the indicators ( Spam in comments, slow 'sources' page, unsupported php 5.x by the host ) were positive to force me to update the website. Now the website use the new PluXml 5.5 with Php7 on a faster host. I tried as much as I could to not change the theme. But here is what's new:

  • New navigation feature (previous/next/last/first) on the top of the webcomic pages
  • New link at the end for going to the 'sources' of the active episode
  • New end-link for following/supporting/sharing
  • Totally refactored 'sources' with many more features.

Version 2.0

[ May 2015 ] Google launched a campaign pro-Mobile-Friendly, considered as a 'Mobilegeddon' by the press ( Mobile + Armageddon ). Any website non-mobile-friendly would suffer of bad ranking. I didn't wanted this handicap for Pepper&Carrot ( and for my portfolio too ). My previous website was using old HTML+CSS, and used pixel and a fixed layout for many elements. Many many commits and a total rewrite were the only solution to migrate the previous homemade theme to html5, Css3 and use a Css framework as PluCss. On the way, I decided to not do just a portage, but enhance the website a bit. I merged the homepage with 'webcomics' for a faster access. I also changed all webcomic covers ( 7 comic x around 12 language , manual edit ) to get translated title appearing in the homepage. I also removed the tag line "The Open Webcomic by David Revoy" as I'm more and more open to call it "The Pepper&Carrot project". Each buttons are now easier and bigger to press ( to suit it to the tablet and mobile user ). I plan to decorate the website a bit more ( custom graphism, new cover ) on the last part of 2015.

Version 1.2

[ Feb 2015 ] Version 1.2 : multilingual support.

Version 1.0

[ Jan 2015 ] Pepper&Carrot has a own dedicated website, the look was the same than the screenshot above, without the multilingual toolbar.

Version 0.0

[ July 2014 ] Pepper&Carrot was a category under my portfolio, with a dedicated theming.
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