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A post that list all the update of this website, but also Pepper&Carrot. I'll update this post at each important website update.

Version 2.4

[ November 2016 ] General cleaning

  • Blog sidebar is now better : display fan-art, last comments, etc...
  • Homepage was too heavy with 20 episodes thubmnails image to load : they are now moved to a dedicated 'webcomics' new page.
  • Homepage now display the latest 6 blog posts.
  • New Diaspora icons on the top.
  • New cover with "second cover" artwork.
  • Smarphone support improved.
  • New rounded font for Japanese.

Version 2.3

[ Jully 2016 ] Refactoring of the fan-art and fan-fiction part of the website :

  • I split both of them from the blog and refactored the 'contribute' page.

Version 2.2

[ June 2016 ] Refactoring of the source page:

Version 2.1

[ May 2016 ] All the indicators ( Spam in comments, slow 'sources' page, unsupported php 5.x by the host ) were positive to force me to update the website. Now the website use the new PluXml 5.5 with Php7 on a faster host. I tried as much as I could to not change the theme. But here is what's new:

  • New navigation feature (previous/next/last/first) on the top of the webcomic pages
  • New link at the end for going to the 'sources' of the active episode
  • New end-link for following/supporting/sharing
  • Totally refactored 'sources' with many more features.

Version 2.0

[ May 2015 ] Google launched a campaign pro-Mobile-Friendly, considered as a 'Mobilegeddon' by the press ( Mobile + Armageddon ). Any website non-mobile-friendly would suffer of bad ranking. I didn't wanted this handicap for Pepper&Carrot ( and for my portfolio too ). My previous website was using old HTML+CSS, and used pixel and a fixed layout for many elements. Many many commits and a total rewrite were the only solution to migrate the previous homemade theme to html5, Css3 and use a Css framework as PluCss. On the way, I decided to not do just a portage, but enhance the website a bit. I merged the homepage with 'webcomics' for a faster access. I also changed all webcomic covers ( 7 comic x around 12 language , manual edit ) to get translated title appearing in the homepage. I also removed the tag line "The Open Webcomic by David Revoy" as I'm more and more open to call it "The Pepper&Carrot project". Each buttons are now easier and bigger to press ( to suit it to the tablet and mobile user ). I plan to decorate the website a bit more ( custom graphism, new cover ) on the last part of 2015.

Version 1.2

[ Feb 2015 ] Version 1.2 : multilingual support.

Version 1.0

[ Jan 2015 ] Pepper&Carrot has a own dedicated website, the look was the same than the screenshot above, without the multilingual toolbar.

Version 0.0

[ July 2014 ] Pepper&Carrot was a category under my portfolio, with a dedicated theming.
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link kram1032   - Reply

Nice update!
Unrelatedly, please check how you configured the RSS feeds for this website: Occationally multiple old entries are randomly thrown into my feed at once rather than just the newest one.

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

@kram1032 : Thank you kram1032 ; Ok I'll have a look. I suspect every post had an update when I changed the website ( I also updated a lot of article in local, to correct layout , then sent them back at one time. ) I'll keep an eye on the RSS feed , to stabilise it and also I'll send a mini notification before a website update next time. Thanks for the feedback!

link kram1032   - Reply

Heads up: Looks like it is working fine now, thanks

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

@kram1032 : Thank you Kram :) Good to know the RSS are working as it should.

link Jo   - Reply


Je voudrais vous signaler un bug dans le flux rss des commentaires.

Dans la balise <title> à la fin du fichier, "Pepper&Carrot" est écrit tel quel sans le &amp; pour marquer l'esperluette.
Il me semble que c'est cela qui m'empêche mon agrégateur de flux (Akregator) de lire le fichier xml.

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

@Jo :Bonjour, Il faut que je retrouve comment on affiche le RSS des commentaires xD Je vais étudier cela, merci!

link Jo   - Reply

Si c'est juste l'affichage, c'est là :
Pour ce qui est de l'administration, là par contre, c'est vous qui savez. ;)

Bon courage.

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

@Jo : Ha oui. Je peux reproduire le bug. Et bien!

Merci pour m'avoir pointer l'URL. C'est une fonctionalité de PluXml que j'avais oublié et que je devrais exposer dans l'interface.
On peux se tutoyer ? A bientôt , je vais corriger ça bientôt.

link Jo   - Reply

@ David REVOY :

Je suis content d'avoir pu être utile. :)
Pour ce qui est du tutoiement, je ne préfère pas l'utiliser. Ça peut paraître un peu désuet, mais je ne tutoie généralement sur le net que les personnes dont je me sens assez proche ou bien celles que j'ai déjà rencontrées IRL. Mais ça ne m'empêche en rien d'être sympathique ou même de plaisanter.
Toutefois je sais bien que la norme est au tutoiement sur la toile, aussi, si cela vous fait bizarre, vous pouvez me tutoyer, j'ai l'habitude.

À bientôt :)

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

@Jo : Je respecterai le vouvoiement. Ce sont de très bonne raison. J'ai tendance à oublié cette distinction avec mon usage de l'anglais qui n'offre pas vraiment d'équivalent.
Le lien RSS est à présent réparé : merci pour le retour!

link Jo   - Reply

@ David REVOY

Merci pour tout.

link rubygirl   - Reply

Hello there,

Google decides what’s good and bad and everybody follows their orders, great!

Love Pepper&Carrot by the way. Keep up the good work :-)

RubyGirl from far away

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