License: "Episode 7: The Wish" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
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link Vladislav  

Thank you

link PrinzEnrique  

The fairies and their cave somewhat remind me of a certain famous adventure game on Nintendo consoles :D

link Allan Zieser  

Very good! Carrot always wins! :)

link Skarfester  

Good work!

link Elias  

Haha! The idea of that fairy fountain is from Zelda, right? :D Anyhow, well drawn as always!

link PyatigorskSeka  

Thank You, I really like this comics

link Anaïs  

Toujours aussi bien !
Finalement, Pepper aurait du laisser son chat dormir... ^^

link Kamean  

Adorable! Thousand thanks! ^_^

Carrot he will be punished. In the evening, he will eat porridge instead fish. :)

link cfdev  

very beautiful!
Now, like first episode, pepper seems younger! I prefer the previous style for her ;)

link TheFaico  

Glad to see a new translator for Spanish of Mexico, RJ Quiralta. I tried always to use a neutral translation, but sometimes it's impossible to use a word commonly used in Spain and Mexico. I consider an heresy adapt a comic (or any book) when its original language is Spanish, I love, for example, argentinian comics like Mafalda or Macanudo even if sometimes I have to search for a word in dictionary (Argentinian localisms are terrible xD but I understand better the wealth vocabulary of my mother language). But when it's a translation for a foreign language it's normal to have at least one for Mexico (normally preferred in Latinoamerican countries) and one for Spain

link Dovaa  

@TheFaico i'm agree, for example for me "mecenazgo" is so weird, never use that word here lol

link Stephan Bored  

Funny and smart. As allways. But personally I prefered preovius- painting technique. With lines.

link Jing Yan  

I packed the episodes into a free ebook reader, maybe you will like it: If there are enough interests, I may consider do it for more translations.

link David Revoy Author,

@Jing Yan : Hey! Thank you for the contribution. So, it's a ebook + reader bundled in it ? Not a lot of information about it.
I tried to install on my device, but I had a FBreader icon only ; while the install page shows a Pepper&Carrot icon + name. Not feeling very secure...
Then a textured canvas everywhere on overlay above the artworks with pooly centered pages ( single pages like ep03 where zoomed out a lot , no way to zoom in )
And a big adv for amazon, animated on every footer ...

To be honnest, it feels a bit rubbish in the current state. Sorry about it ; but I really feels it shouldn't look like this, and I can't really promote work done like this.
Pepper&Carrot is open-source, free, but I want to promote only polished project. I can promote it to all the readers if the apps has this :
1. Icon , with a safe border ( and not squished artwork as you used here : , this is bad )
2. Installed apps = installed product --> no FB readers
3. focus on reading experience ; page 100% width ; respect colors of the original
4. Prevent on the download page if an obstrusive advertisment will be displayed.

I hope you will improve it, thank you in advance for it ; it's important and essential to be honnest with customers, and I don't feel the deal is honnest right now. I even feel pain Pepper&Carrot is associated to this type of apps quality.

link ElTun  

Si je peux me permettre, j'aurais le "Found you" par "Ah ! Te voilà !" ou simplement "Te voilà !"

link David Revoy Author,

@ElTun : Merci pour la suggestion, c'est en ligne à présent :

link GearBuilder  

Love your work, keep up with the amazing job and never change who you are dude, From bottom of my heart thank you =j

link Valériane Duvivier  

Deuxième commentaire en moins de quelques minutes, mais les décors sont vraiment somptueux! Il fallait que je le dise!

link Julia Elfvenmyr  

I love how beatifully drawn the fairies are. Many comics are just scrambled lines, but the art in Pepper and Carrot makes me really happy.

link Eduardo Tavares  

Very nice

link Alexandra  

Oh, you drew the fairy so beautifully,she really shines!In this as in other episodes,I really feel the wonderous atmosphere - it's like seeing a dreamworld from childhood in the flesh, very impressive. Thanks for the sweet comic

link northierthanthou  

I'm with carrot on that one.

link Cthulhu  

ça fait très Toriyama comme style humoristique :D

link asma  

I love these stories a lot.
You moved from lines to all paintings, it's wonderful still.
I'm really fond of the line art :) But for this one the atmosphere is actually better without lines.

link Vladimir  

No, too bad! The cat ruined the wish! Carrot's punishment is too be locked down in a small room with an alarm clock, LOL for one night, only! Pepper & Carrot are even better than Shoebox's Chuck & Beans, believe me.

link Peter  

Really? That would be "animal abuse" in a normal situation. But, that kitty doesn't even care about that alarm clock, I guess. Carrot is like my fluffy lazy cat, just try your best to wake him up when he sleeps! Zzzzzzzz ....zzzzz

link emanuel petit  

merci beaucoup. Pepper & Carrot a besoin de plus de publicité dans les médias, et une meilleure commercialisation de devenir populaire dans le monde entier.

link Link  

Love the nod to Zelda! I could almost hear the music as she entered the cave ;)

link Zykaylia Tamia Clark  

thats a wast of a wish

link Lil  

Amazing artwork and very funny story! Love it!

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