link Vladislav   - Reply

Thank you

link PrinzEnrique   - Reply

The fairies and their cave somewhat remind me of a certain famous adventure game on Nintendo consoles :D

link Allan Zieser   - Reply

Very good! Carrot always wins! :)

link Skarfester   - Reply

Good work!

link Elias   - Reply

Haha! The idea of that fairy fountain is from Zelda, right? :D Anyhow, well drawn as always!

link PyatigorskSeka   - Reply

Thank You, I really like this comics

link Anaïs   - Reply

Toujours aussi bien !
Finalement, Pepper aurait du laisser son chat dormir... ^^

link Kamean   - Reply

Adorable! Thousand thanks! ^_^

Carrot he will be punished. In the evening, he will eat porridge instead fish. :)

link cfdev   - Reply

very beautiful!
Now, like first episode, pepper seems younger! I prefer the previous style for her ;)

link TheFaico   - Reply

Glad to see a new translator for Spanish of Mexico, RJ Quiralta. I tried always to use a neutral translation, but sometimes it's impossible to use a word commonly used in Spain and Mexico. I consider an heresy adapt a comic (or any book) when its original language is Spanish, I love, for example, argentinian comics like Mafalda or Macanudo even if sometimes I have to search for a word in dictionary (Argentinian localisms are terrible xD but I understand better the wealth vocabulary of my mother language). But when it's a translation for a foreign language it's normal to have at least one for Mexico (normally preferred in Latinoamerican countries) and one for Spain

link Dovaa   - Reply

@TheFaico i'm agree, for example for me "mecenazgo" is so weird, never use that word here lol

link Stephan Bored   - Reply

Funny and smart. As allways. But personally I prefered preovius- painting technique. With lines.

link Jing Yan   - Reply

I packed the episodes into a free ebook reader, maybe you will like it: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kelvin.pepper_carrot.ui.android. If there are enough interests, I may consider do it for more translations.

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

@Jing Yan : Hey! Thank you for the contribution. So, it's a ebook + reader bundled in it ? Not a lot of information about it.
I tried to install on my device, but I had a FBreader icon only ; while the install page shows a Pepper&Carrot icon + name. Not feeling very secure...
Then a textured canvas everywhere on overlay above the artworks with pooly centered pages ( single pages like ep03 where zoomed out a lot , no way to zoom in )
And a big adv for amazon, animated on every footer ...

To be honnest, it feels a bit rubbish in the current state. Sorry about it ; but I really feels it shouldn't look like this, and I can't really promote work done like this.
Pepper&Carrot is open-source, free, but I want to promote only polished project. I can promote it to all the readers if the apps has this :
1. Icon , with a safe border ( and not squished artwork as you used here : https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/AWyBtdCh7mqTzCBOnTgWHFbFqfIcUEdDf4ocGSoH2YfnFt0JgXk7JLNYKfCROmWcyg=w300 , this is bad )
2. Installed apps = installed product --> no FB readers
3. focus on reading experience ; page 100% width ; respect colors of the original
4. Prevent on the download page if an obstrusive advertisment will be displayed.

I hope you will improve it, thank you in advance for it ; it's important and essential to be honnest with customers, and I don't feel the deal is honnest right now. I even feel pain Pepper&Carrot is associated to this type of apps quality.

link ElTun   - Reply

Si je peux me permettre, j'aurais le "Found you" par "Ah ! Te voilà !" ou simplement "Te voilà !"

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

@ElTun : Merci pour la suggestion, c'est en ligne à présent : https://github.com/Deevad/peppercarrot_ep07_translation/commit/8f62e8cdf186f027237a855bb499a89f3198e5fa

link GearBuilder   - Reply

Love your work, keep up with the amazing job and never change who you are dude, From bottom of my heart thank you =j

link Valériane Duvivier   - Reply

Deuxième commentaire en moins de quelques minutes, mais les décors sont vraiment somptueux! Il fallait que je le dise!

link Julia Elfvenmyr   - Reply

I love how beatifully drawn the fairies are. Many comics are just scrambled lines, but the art in Pepper and Carrot makes me really happy.

link Eduardo Tavares   - Reply

Very nice

link Alexandra   - Reply

Oh, you drew the fairy so beautifully,she really shines!In this as in other episodes,I really feel the wonderous atmosphere - it's like seeing a dreamworld from childhood in the flesh, very impressive. Thanks for the sweet comic

link northierthanthou   - Reply

I'm with carrot on that one.

link Cthulhu   - Reply

ça fait très Toriyama comme style humoristique :D

link asma   - Reply

I love these stories a lot.
You moved from lines to all paintings, it's wonderful still.
I'm really fond of the line art :) But for this one the atmosphere is actually better without lines.

link Vladimir   - Reply

No, too bad! The cat ruined the wish! Carrot's punishment is too be locked down in a small room with an alarm clock, LOL for one night, only! Pepper & Carrot are even better than Shoebox's Chuck & Beans, believe me.

link Peter   - Reply

Really? That would be "animal abuse" in a normal situation. But, that kitty doesn't even care about that alarm clock, I guess. Carrot is like my fluffy lazy cat, just try your best to wake him up when he sleeps! Zzzzzzzz ....zzzzz

link emanuel petit   - Reply

merci beaucoup. Pepper & Carrot a besoin de plus de publicité dans les médias, et une meilleure commercialisation de devenir populaire dans le monde entier.

link Link   - Reply

Love the nod to Zelda! I could almost hear the music as she entered the cave ;)

link Zykaylia Tamia Clark   - Reply

thats a wast of a wish

link Lil   - Reply

Amazing artwork and very funny story! Love it!

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