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v.3 ! The list of changes is long: full French translation and collaborative multilingual support, all episodes were refactored, the Source page was rewritten ...etc...etc . Here is more details ...

Collaborative multilingual support :

Pepper&Carrot website is now multilingual, and propose translation links on the top of pages.
The creation of translation is open-source and everyone is invited to add a translation.
I even wrote a tutorial about how to add a translation in only 5 easy steps.

screenshot of the new translation panel over episode 1, with the first Russian translation proposed last night by Andrew "Akari" Alexeyew

Rewritten Source page

The source page now proposes low resolution, high resolution , all into direct download, for any available language.
Also, check files with the prefix gfx ; 100% artwork version without any speech-bubbles or texts ( ideal for derivative works ).
The pages propose also a set of dynamic links to all Github repositories .

The source page, focus on the Episode 03 , with arrow and description label on the top to explain the new features.

French translation

Adding multilingual support wasn't easy, but it would have been pointless without proposing a first translation.
That's why I started to translate all the website and webcomics into French.
I'll keep maintaining the French version, but any correction/improvement help is welcome.

Better maintenance :

I automatized many things : refresh of all Git repositories, sync the server, Krita files KRA artwork and Inkscape files SVG translations...etc...
All the five first webcomics where totally refactored with vector text, vector speech-bubbles, and many other fixes.
I used again the (best) Content Management System PluXml , but this time, I decided to port all my previous tweaks to the core to external plugins.
I forked the Vignette plugin of Rockyhorror, and the plxMyMultiLingue of Stephane F to achieve it. Many thanks to them. Open-source rocks ! :-)

The future :

Other artistic open-source project doesn't share publicly the source while they are making the content.
Maybe the fear of spoiling the story to the audience? or the fear of receiving a bad and demotivational comments at early step of the process ?
... or the fear to have to reject a commit without a sufficient level of artistic quality, or with differing style but many works into it ? Hard to imagine...
In a near future, Pepper&Carrot episodes sources will also be shared "live" :-)

License: "Website upgrade" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
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