How to add a translation or a correction

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[update] This method from 2015 is outdated and unmaintained nowaday: Check the official documentation of Pepper&Carrot translator for updated information. Thank you.

Translating or correcting an episode is fast and can be done in only 5 little steps !
You can do it from any type of computer (win/mac/linux) with only free/libre open-sources softwares.

What you need :

- A fresh version of Inkscape the free/libre and open-source vector drawing software.
- The webcomics repository of Pepper&Carrot (around 400MB) You can or directly download it or clone/fork the Git repository here.

1. Let other know

With a bit of organization, we can avoid duplicate effort.   
Read the comments at the end of this page to get more information about reservations.  
If no one is working on the episode you want to translate, then leave a comment to let other know.   

fictive comment of users reserving tasks

2. Font instalation

The fonts are already in the **webcomics** repository you downloaded or cloned. It's in a subfolder **font/ **. To install the font :

           **on Windows (Vista/8/7)**  : select the font file (.ttf, .otf) , right click => Install.  
           **on Mac :** double-click the font file => "Install font" button at the bottom of the preview.  
           **on Linux :** Double-click the font file => "Install font" or copy the font file in your ~/.fonts directory.

Screenshot of a "font viewer" on Linux.

3. Folder setup

Enter an episode. duplicate an existing language folder and rename it to the language you want to translate. Use two letters only for the country.   
Documentation: [ISO language codes.]( "ISO language codes." )

screenshot illustration of duplicating a folder ( copy/paste) , then renaming it to a fictive language named 'my'

4. Edit and translate all SVGs of your folder

Inside the folder you just created, edit all the SVG files with Inkscape.
Translate the content of speech-bubbles, change sound the sounds effect, resize speech-bubble to look good with your new content. Feel free to be the art-director of your translation, and resize, arrange the layout to your taste. Don't forget to sign your translation on the bottom of the credit page and add your name in the file ( at root of the webcomics repository ) as well.

5. Share your translation(s)

Send me back your changed SVGs ( not the full webcomics repository ) and I'll render them and add them to this website, also visible in the Source page. How to send back your work:

A. The easier for me is to receive a merge request on our Gitlab hosted at Framagit. You can also request the permissions to directly push to our repository , just tell me your Gitlab username... If you are not familiar with Git , just go to method B.

B. By email : pack your language folder ( the SVG ) in a ZIP ; it's very lightweight ( I don't need the whole repository ). You can then send me the this pack attached to an email at Don't forget to tell me what I should add on Thank you!

Bravo ! it's done :-)

Translating/Correcting the website :

Translating or correcting the website is also possible. The website has it's own Git repository or you can directly download it as a zip. Documentation is written on the . The content of the website is not too long ; 260 lines only and mainly keywords.

Gedit 2.30 text editor with two tabs for two translations : en.php and fr.php.


Q: Can I add a custom font ?
A: Yes, you can add a new font for your language, but this one need to be an open-source font.
Accepted : Public domain fonts, GNU/GPL fonts, CC-0 fonts, CC-BY fonts, SIL Open Font License (OFL).
In this case, please also add the font information ( author, license, link ) to the fonts/ file in the repository.
Trusted source for open fonts :

Q: Can I translate the main title "Pepper&Carrot" ?
A: Yes. Tharinda Divakara created a tutorial about how to create a vector cool title with Pepper&Carrot style. You can read it here .

Q: Can I change the character's name ?
A: Sure, you can. For the french translation, I kept the english 'Carrot' because the french name "Carotte" was feminine.
I kept 'Pepper' and didn't used the translation 'Poivre' or 'Poivron' because it sounds like a french insult people throw at drunken guys 'Poivrot!'

Q: What about the license of translations ?
A : Every translations I'll receive this way will be considered licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution license .
You accept reuse of other persons ( even commercial ) modifications, corrections, of the work. They'll still have to tell it's your work.

Q: A sentence doesn't sounds good in my language, can I rewrite it ?
A: It's ok. The most important is to keep the semantic, the feeling and the information of the story.
Adding style and changing the expression of your target language is natural.

Q: Do I need to translate all the episodes ?
A: Feel free to contribute within your possibilities: you can start step by step. The website is designed to display translations page by page, depending availability of the translation.
You can send episode 01, then one month later send episode 03,04,05 in a row , then stop here if you dislike... or then send all the other episodes. Every contributions are welcome; thank you for any effort and contributions !