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Chaos & Evolutions DVD for Youtube: 1h30 video tutorials.

A couple of year after the release of the DvD, I took all the video of the DVD and compressed them into a 1h30 video. I posted this one on Youtube, you can see it here. The article under is the original page for the DvD.

Chaos&Evolutions is a DVD tutorial with hours of advanced course about digital paintings, concept art, character design, creature design, environments, illustrations and model sheets. The DVD tutorials use a music soundtrack, without voice over. English labels will guide you, which makes it especially targeted at an international public.
All the examples have been painted with Gimp-painter 2.6 . But you can follow the tutorials with your own 2D application too; like Krita / Mypaint / Photoshop ... etc. The lessons are not centered around the software ; but about the Technic. The videos are in 1440x896 and play well in VLC, and are distributed freely under the Creative Commons Attribution license. So why to buy it ? Because if you don't, open project like this one will stop. The Blender Open Movie Workshop DVD series is a Blender Institute product and compare to other company who sells tutorial ; this buisness model rocks. Think about it ; By purchasing this DVD you support the Blender Foundation projects and the free culture.

Buy the Dvd 'Chaos and Evolutions' on Blender e-shop

Artworks gallery :

During the production of this courses, I painted a lot of artworks. Here is the result:

1abc character design

1d model sheet

2 creature design

3 environement

4 digital painting

5 digital painting

6 bonus

License: "DVD Chaos & Evolutions" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
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link Mikael Flood  

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all you taught me with this DVD.
Currently I'm helping to spread the word about it, I wrote a short review of it on my deviantart page:

I might also add that you are missed on Deviantart, you appear to be an inactive member :(

Thanks again for everything. Keep up the good works of inspiring people like me!

link sandy  

Je ne vais pas faire original : SUBLIME !!! Quel regard !

link Jason Pruett  

I just stumbled across your work on the internet. I really like it. Good stuff.

link Deevad  

@:All : Thanks !

@Mikael Flood : Yep, I will come back posting on Deviant art asap with my new portfolio. Thanks for your comment about the DVD.

link Steph.B  

Un grand merci pour ce DVD... c' est tout ce que j' attendais sans le savoir... Et j' ai été vraiment comblé.
C' est une véritable réussite et un superbe tutorial.
Vraiment merci pour ça...
Et pour ce qui est du talent, je dis "chapeau bas"...
PS: je sais que les commentaires sont en grandes majorités en anglais mais étant une quiche dans la langue de Shakespeare, je m' en tiendrais donc à ma langue maternelle... ;)
Encore merci et bonne continuation.

link REVOY David  

Merci Steph.B pour le retour sympa, et 'no problem' pour commenté en français sur ce blog :) Bonne continuation et bon painting ;)

link Guillaume  

Salut David,
Je suis à deux doigt d'acheter ton DD qui a l'air vraiment génial si l'on tiens compte du travail que tu produit. Seulement je me demande si tu n'est pas sur le point d'en sortir un nouveau, mieux peut-être, étant donné que celui-ci a a plus d'un an.
Encore bravo

link David Revoy Author,

@Guillaume : Hello, je n'en sors aucun dans l'immediat, et j'ai plutôt des projets de tutoriel gratuit sur le net, mais pour un niveau plus avancé et avec des fonctionalité precise à Mypaint ou Krita. Pour C&E il couvre bien les bases et le niveau intermediaire , et reste assez généraliste. Merci pour l'achat , ça va aider l'équipe de film Mango aussi ce soutient ( je crois que c'est la fin du stock de DVD de C&E à la Blender Institute et pas sure qu'il soit réedité :) si j'en refait un, ce sera pour fin 2012 :D )

link Guillaume  

Merci pour ta réponse. Je pense que je vais prendre C&E et également Blend&Paint. J'ai déjà de bonnes bases sur blender mais je n'ai jamais poussé un projet jusqu'au bout par lassitude ou manque de temps.

Je suis épaté de voir que tu réussi à produire des images de styles très différents, parfois "glossy" comme je dit, comme collar-of-magic-pearls, d'autres dans un style BD ou d'autre encore touchant plus la sensibilité des petites têtes blondes.
Bonne continuation

link Brett McCoy  

I have a question about this DVD -- the character designs of Lia Turtle and Cendrea, are they for a film or game or something? What are the concepts behind them? Is there a story? I just love the designs of these two characters and would love to see more of them!

link David Revoy Author,

@Brett McCoy : Hey Brett , thanks, thats nice. Lia and Cendrea were just fictive character design I wrote for this DVD , they don't have any story or background. But they are CC-By if someone want to solve this ^ ^

link Brett McCoy  

Ah cool, might be fun to do something with them :-)

link Brett W. McCoy  

Hey Deevad --

I am producing a short animation (done with MyPaint and TVPaint), based on the invasions of Ireland and the Tuatha de Danann, and I am thinking it would be fun to have Cendrea make a cameo in it somewhere, like a forest spirit sadly watching the great battles of the invaders or something.

link Karol  

I just here to say thanks. I'm casual and just started work digitaly.
Didnt know what can i see with horizontal reflection, something i coudnt do with a paper(like Omg! that arm doesn't fit).Also for basics like how to organize creation stages of art and all the tools for Gimp you shared. Only problem with wy drawing are details, it was mush easier with pencil/paper. How long its take to get use to tablet?
Beside of this i cant wait when i will end my first painting.

Sorry for my english, Cheers.

link victorescu  

Hello Deevad!!
Just wanted to write a quick note and say thanks for making this training, I learned more about anatomy in your alchemy video than I have been able to learn from any other source. I also think Alchemy (and now krita) help a lot with the mirror effect for practicing anatomy. I recently got my wacom tablet and your videos have helped me transition from traditional to digital art a lot!

I draw as a hobby and start work in a month. So as soon as I start getting those paychecks I am buying your chaos and evolution DVD so I can study in more detail and support your awesome work!

link David Revoy Author,

@victorescu : Hey ! Thanks for the feedback ; if you want to watch the full DVD , you can do it for free ; all the vidéo are under the categorie 'tutorial' of the main top menu :)

Have a good watching and thanks if you also want to purchase a DVD for making revenue to the Blender Foundation ( by the way, i'm almost sure C&E is soon 'out of stock' and it will not be printed again )

link taifun  

thank u. the Books of Mister Loomis were also a help 4 me. this is cool

link Taposy Rabeya  

Amazing!! It's always so cool to watch how these pieces come together, and quite helpful too.

link reekje  


Please do you want share Chaos & Evolutions on http://www.legittorrents.info or https://archive.org?

The torrent on http://www.legittorrents.info is almost dead and incomplete!
further I saw pass only illegal sites or sites where he is no longer
include the blender store
please do you want share?


link Danielle  

Just came across your page when i was looking at the textures pack on Krita Webpage.
Came by to say 'greetings'. :-) from the U.S.A.

I played with Ubuntu Linux waaay back in the day when it first came out. My friend said Linux Mint,
is excellent even today. Please update us on your life and where you are at now. If you are still doing art and any new programs you are using.

What type of art would you say it is that you do? Fantasy? If so, it is very neat. Great Job!

link David Revoy Author,

Hey! Thanks for the comment :-)

Oh yes, Linux Mint is still excellent. Right now I'm using Fedora Linux KDE, but I have my eyes on a Debian based distro more and more MX Linux (KDE flavor). In general, I'm more of a KDE/Plasma user and for the distribution style, I'm looking for a stable base that can run on demand newer package when necessary (eg. my app, mainly Krita, Inkscape, Blender and Kdenlive). You'll find fresh news about what I'm doing now on the more recent blog post, and my art is probably "2D Compter Graphics Fantasy", but nowday precising "CG/Computer Graphics" in my field is a bit pointless since everyone use CG or almost. :)

Thanks again.

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