Marasme des Oréades

'Marasme des Oréades' is a little elf under the rain with a particular enlighten mushroom. His name came from the mushroom named in french ' Marasme des Oréades ' wich is the 'Scotch Bonnet' or the 'fairy ring mushroom' in English ( lat. Marasmius oreades , source : Wikipedia ). Now it's the season to go in forest for mushroom after rainy days and I really want to spend hours to find them... This illustration was done mainly in GIMP from a scanned drawing on paper ( pencil on a A4 bristol paper ) , the original drawing was given to a friend. You can notice in this piece my new custom brushes.

License: "Marasme des Oréades" by David Revoy − CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0
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link Lola  

Hey mister David ! quelles couleurs magiques vraiment une très belle composition ! très bonne idée la lumière qui vient des spores, ça donne le coté lumineux important la compo. Bravo !

link olivS  

Nice and cute! Well done on the lighting, very faery-like! My only complain is about the hat of the Faery: looks like it is merging somehow with the mushroom. It's quite disturbing from my point of view. Maybe a different color would have helped with readibility of the image!

Oh! Very great mood also!

link sandy  

Encore bravo !!! je ne me lasse pas et ne me lasserai jamais, continue à nous faire rêver !

link Skiri-ki  

Nice Painting, I really like the feel of it but I also noticed what olivS mentioned about the hat. The Lens Flare also seems a bit too clean in contrast to the rest of the image. A softer light effect might look better than clean and perfect circles or just more blurry circles. Right now their edges pop out and take too much attention for them, rather then lending to the character. Especially those further away with more defined edges. The blurry ones closer to the elf might be what you should (have) aimed for.

Generally I'm wary of Lens Flare, often times it's overused and contradicting the actual Image. E.g. you get lens flare on a photo, because of the lens of the camera. You generally do not see lens flare through your eyes. Thus lens flare is more appropriate for photos and photorealistic drawings, paintings or renderings, not so much for fantasy paintings or more paintery images. (As an Example I think in this image ( the lens flare is a misplaced attempt to add to the composition, but it contradicts to the fantasy atmosphere)

Now, strictly speaking, I'm not sure whether you could call the light circles in your image lens flare as they aren't the typical ones you'd get from your camera lens, but ones, I gather, that are the result of rain droplets acting as lenses. That's fine too, though as they are, they feel a bit like your behind the windshield of a car and the droplets that cause them sit on that windshield. Maybe it's because of their size, making them appear closer or more prominent, or it's because of the refined edges.
I'd play around with different sizes and/or less defined circles and watch the effect. Maybe it's also just me who is distracted by them as they are, because since I noticed them first I can't simply ignore them any more, but that's for someone else to judge.

Overall I think you made great use of your Brush Presets, one can notice them, but only when you're looking for them, so they work out well. The image is cute and the composition (apart from mentioned distractions) works splendid, which also goes to say, it probably couldn't do completely without the flare.

link Stine  

Hey David,
great work as usual. Keep going ;)

link Márcio Lacerda  


link DeburgER  

realy nice work! mmm... i like mushrooms... =)

p.s.: it looks like unfinished, is that WIP?

p.p.s: works in GIMP (not only your's) more often than not looks like wip, even with your Gimp-painter or Gimp Paint Studio by Ramon Miranda. Can you tell me why is it? I very like GIMP and it's functionality, but that sad fact...

link David Revoy  

@Lola : Merci , l'idée de lumière sur les spores est arrivé en cours de route, et m'a sauvé d'un éclairage qui commençait à être ennuyeux.

@OlivS :Sure and well noted, the 2 shapes overlaps but are difficult to read. Next time I will take a look to solve this kind of issue in my paintings. Thanks for the comment my friend ;)

@Sandy : Merci Sandy mon amie !

@Skiri-ki : Ouaoo ! first biggest comment on my blog, congratz ! Sure the lens-flare/bokey is always a more poetic placement in a 2D picture than something realistic. The intention was to have a nice background , and add touch of colors. Thanks for the comment !

@Stine & @Márcio Lacerda: Thanks !

@DeburgER : That's not a WIP , just a more speedpainting style. I'm going more and more to this kind of result were the painting stroke are still visible and the 'human hand' still exist behind the painting. As you saw in the 'Alice' post ; this level of finishing is not related with capacity of the software as GIMP or a Brush-kit. It's only related to time spent on the artwork and the skill of the artist.

link Erick  

Hello, I'm Erick Bulhões from Brazil and i find amazing as you can use these programs open source and get these results, i'm fan of mypaint and your works encourage even more for use... congratulations !

sorry, i do not know speak english very well.

link DeburgER  

>>It's only related to time spent on the artwork and the skill of the artist.
thnx =)

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