Alice in Wonderland

I received for this illustration the CG Choice Award by the website In my opinion , the CG choice Award is the biggest, more valuable and more difficult prize to obtain in digital painting or illustration. It's a kind of achievement to receive it after submitting regularly my work on it since 2005 , and I'm really honoured to now being displayed on the Choice Gallery at CGTalk. And I have another reason to feel honoured ; I'm the first awarded with using only Open-source on Linux. This openness and recognition from the professional world of digital painting is really valuable for my work with Free/Libre Open Sources Softwares on Linux.

Thousand thanks CGsociety !

Detailed making of published on CGtalk :
Complete WIP (in french) is here on the forum of

Update 2022: Switched license from CC-By-Nc-Sa to CC-By 4.0 international.

License: "Alice in Wonderland" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
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