Regenerating him all night long

portrait close up

details on armor and sword

digital drawing

For this another "digital painting post" I decided to invest time on it ; so it was the moment to add a more technical artwork to my actual portfolio : I took the opportunity of representing the two genders ( in a more realistic way than I usually do ) under a light setup I think complex with various material ( glowing / shining , etc... ). Useless to say it was long painfull, and I worked a lot to redo/repaint/correct a lot of part of the picture again and again... For the moment I estimate I can't go more far. I also tested another workflow for managing a A4 300dpi full detailed picture with Gimp and Mypaint under my Linux system. Now I realize I became more skilled with the couple of FLOSS software Mypaint and Gimp than I was with Photoshop and Painter... but don't get it wrong : it's surely related to my own skill of digital painting and learning rather than about the competences of the softwares. This feeling to have my tools is good cause it make me sure to continue to work on Linux after the end of the open movie "Sintel" .

By the way about "Sintel" , the pre-première is in Amsterdam this week-end. I'm exited to watch it !

License: "Regenerating him all night long" by David Revoy − CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0
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link Wolfen  

I love this Work!!! You are the Man! YEAH

link olivS  

The characters are less "revoyesque" than usually. But that's a good thing! Very good work on the metal works. The background would have deserved something else, something less calm and gentle. Not necessary hostile, but more exotic: strange fungis or plants, or something. This setting is a little too much "classical" or "medieval". Beautiful painting, anyways! :)

link p33p  

Your work is AMAZING. I just now stumbled upon it and will be a regular visitor from this day forward. Thank you so much for sharing your inspirational work with us. I am blown away. Must....keep....clicking (dabbles drool of keyboard) :)

link DeburgER  

=) nice

link cacysunlee  

awesome work !
please make a timelaps of your next work.

link Márcio Lacerda  

Their designs are incredibly beautiful and detailed. You're one of top level artists. Makes many high quality drawings in a short time. If possible, make any day a free video tutorial on your process when you have time. Thanks!

link David Revoy  

Thanks for the feedback on the picture ; for the video timelapse ; why not. Month ago when I finished Chaos&Evolutions 20h DVD ( with more than 80 hour of rush recording ) I promise to myself to stop for 6 month doing video work :)
But I will study it.

link MARTS  

Feerique style.

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