Narcissus & Echo

This picture represent a modern view of the myth of Narcissus & Echo from the Metamorphoses of Ovid.
( I can’t write you a fast resume cause the story is so much interesting that I 'll miss all important parts, you can go on "Wikipedia source" to know more about and read the text ).

So, I made a modern view of it, adapting some points and working more on describing the psychology of characters :
- Narcissus is here a traveler, he observe with passion his reflect on the metro's glass. A beautiful boy ,mysterious.
- Echo is one of those thousand girls with magazine/headphones from everyday that is suddenly interested by him, but didn’t know how to approach him.
So, 2 world in confrontation, this kind of situation is may be not as dramatic as the original myth but I just wanted to put the same perfume in it and keep the relation.
Myth are still alive for me, and are played every days.

This picture was realised for 3D station contest  “greek mythology” ,  and receive the first prize award. 
Thanks to them.

License: CC BY NC ND
David Revoy,, .
Unless otherwise mentioned in the article.

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link Andreé Montenegro   - Reply

I love it, its amazing :D

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

@Andreé Montenegro : Thanks !

link oLonge   - Reply

This was my wallpaper for almost two years in 2009. one of my favourite pieces of all times. I'm learning Blender at the moment, maybe one day, I'll attempt modeling it in Blender with David's permission, of course.
Keep up the good work David

link Rachel   - Reply

Hi David! I am a student at Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana and am currently in a Greek Art and Mythology class. I have to write a final paper on a myth and decided on Echo and Narcissus. I am referencing this art piece in the paper because I love the modern twist you took on it. I was just wondering the correct way to site this piece of art? Thanks so much, you're an amazing artist!

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

@Rachel : Thank you!
You can link to the artwork here, or just mention the title and my name. Good luck for your paper!

link Reira   - Reply

Hi! I'm currently in a Mythology class studying Echo and Narcissus. I stumbled across this picture, and I find it absolutely beautiful. I really like his far-off expression and how you portrayed the reflection through the window instead of through a stream. The whole piece is interesting; it's a great modern take on an ancient myth :)

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Thank you!

link mül   - Reply


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