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A shot done on Montauban, France in front the Ingres Musuem I am one of the lucky artist to be part of the famous book serie EXPOSÉ . EXPOSE book is a sort of yearly published CG bible, and I never been published in it before. They even subtitle it "The finest Digital Art in the know universe ". Two of my artworks are now in. I'm really proud of it. I'm also honored to receive an 'exellence award' ( Portrait categories ) for my portrait of Charles Darwin. The other artwork featured is my Alice in Wonderland illustration. Also, it's cool to see Krita, Gimp and Mypaint in the credit. The book is amazing... surprisingly , all this digital artworks looks even more amazing printed on paper, probably because of the hires printing, and full-res files transmitted to Ballistic Publishing. I can spot details of my fav artist and subtle textures I never saw before. I warmly recommend this experience to any digital art lover. I took the photo above for the Ballistic Publishing's blog where all artist around the world contribute with a shot to a 'Expose 11 around the world' series of post. Fun to see !

You can see me on the whole page here. Thanks Ballistic Publishing and congratulations everyone who contributed to this brillant book.

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link Jae   - Reply

Congratulations ~deevad! I'm a huge fan of your work and I always love browsing you dA gallery. You deserve this!

link Vasco   - Reply

Congrats - a big honor.. If i could effort it the Expose Artbooks would definitely stand in my bookshelf^^ Isn't it amazing how huge the difference is between digital "press" and a printed version, that could be experienced through all the senses.. These Books are definitely worth the money!

link Le_Hobbit   - Reply

Félicitations !

link Sylvia Ritter   - Reply

well-deserved. congratulations :). and thanks for all your tips, brushes and tutorials. "deevad_3f_textured_brush" is my favorit brush atm. curious about your future works!

link kot-barbos   - Reply


link Flem   - Reply

Reconnaissance plus que légitime. :)
Félicitations !

link Enrico Guarnieri   - Reply

Congrats, David! (✿◠‿◠)

link Tepee   - Reply

Toutes mes félicitations, tu rocks !

link Samuel   - Reply

Congratulations!..you deserve!
Keep on doing awesome art, can´t wait to see more.

link Ramon Miranda   - Reply

Congrats, the picture is really cool. You deserve it.

link Scott   - Reply

Excellent. Keep kicking ass and smiling! Great you create this amazing art with Krita, Gimp and Mypaint. Really giving these free tools the recognition they deserve. Of course you are the true talent!

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Thanks all for the comments !

link Ivan Yossi   - Reply

Congrats! That's the natural result of hard work + talent :]

link Taposy Rabeya   - Reply

Great!! You are a super genus.

link Md Sumon   - Reply

Oh my god ! if i win a award.

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