Video timelapse : Aqua Dream

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Artwork title : "Aqua Dream" by David Revoy, Music : "Drops of H2O" by J. Lang , Digital painting software : Krita Operating System : Linux Mint , KDE Video editing : Kdenlive Real time to completion : 3 h 20 min Final artwork : Available on my deviantArt

License: "Video timelapse : Aqua Dream" by David Revoy − CC-BY-SA 4.0
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link Michał  

Hey mate, very nice piece of art:)

You have some neat brushes in there as I can see, so... if I may, I have request - could you upload some of your resources, especially brushes for Krita? (I'm using Krita 2.8)
You can contact me via deviantart

link Mery Alison Thompson  

Amazing as always dear David! Congratulations for such amazing illustration :D

link Diana  

Krita is brand new to me. Is it possible to use Krita for photo retouching like GIMP and the color mode is cmyk? I would like to print postcards. I've done my pic with GIMP and change its color into cmyk style. The color becomes awful. Maybe it is better to do it with the cmyk at the beginning. So is this workable in Krita? Thanks!

link David Revoy Author,

@Diana : Hi Diana, yes, it is. But about Krita, I still advice only one version : on Linux compiled from master source. It's a bit hard to get it, but worth it.

link Diana  

Thanks for your answer. It is happy to know it. The problem is my computer(notebook) is win XP. So I have to add Linux Mint , KDE, and then Krita, right? By the way, what is Linux Mint , KDE? A kind of Linux? I know nothing about Linux.

link Michał  

Diana, you can install any linux distribution not only Linux Mint, but it's good distro - very similar in graphical interface to good, old XP. From my view I reccomend you Ubuntu 12.04 but it's your decision. Oh, and you don't need to install KDE, Mint have it's own environment - KDE is only graphical environment something like Aero in Win7.
Make your research about linux because it could be hard for you to mess around with Krita if you don't have basic knowledge about linux system.

link Diana  

@Michal:Hi Michal, thanks. At the moment, I add VirtualBox and then I will install Linux. There is a form I do not know how to fill out before I distribute my RAM for Linux. I read several tutorials. Unfortunately, what they said are not the same. I am confused.

link Michał  

@Diana : Which specific form you have on mind? Basically Virtualbox is quite simple to configure.

link Diana  

@Michal:This is the form I mentioned. I clicked the left blue button, the right form appeared. This is its list. I do not how to choose. The 3 columns mean NAME, TYPE, VERSION, I guess. Sorry, I do not know how to find its English version. This is not the latest version of Virtualbox. Should I download the latest one? My computer is win XP, 640 MB RAM. How many RAM should I distribute for Linux? Krita will be the only one thing I use after I install Linux. Thanks.

link David Revoy Author,

@Michał : I paste it here also , as it may interrest other reader : @Michał :you can try this beta version of new brush kit ; all brush were rewritten from scratch since V2 , so they are all a bit different :"> , feel free to give feedback about it :)

@Diana : Hey, you'll probably have a lot of issue if you attempt to configure a Virtualbox, and are stuck to only the label menu. You probably should try to install a Windows version ;"> , or creating a dual boot with Linux , but this is quite complex. I always had bad test with painting software in virtualboxes ; because too much layers of compositing and coordinations, tablet inputs are slowers, and performance damaged a lot. Your computer is an old one, judging from the amount of RAM you tell. Virtualbox will put your computer on his knee.
If you consider a Linux distribution, I would advice a ligthweigth one XFCE or LXDE or OpenBox based , and not in a Virtualbox, but on a second internal disk connected or partitionning your actual disk. But it will ask you a lot of new thing to learn.
If you want to draw with open-source on a Windows machiine with low spec and without too much issue, you might try Mypaint 1.0 too.

link Michał  

@Diana : Ok, so in the first column(Name) just put name of linux system you want to install: Linux Mint, Ubuntu, etc. Second field will automaticaly fill after you put name of OS in first field. In third field choose Ubuntu if you install Linux Mint(it's based on Ubuntu) or... Ubuntu:). If you want other distro and it's not on the list, just choose Other Linux.

I definitely recommend you to make dualboot with XP instead of using Virtualbox because, as Divid wrote - amount of RAM in you computer is quite low and it's gonna be pain in the ass to run virtual machine - I've added something about 5GB of RAM to my virtualbox and it doesn't work smooth...

link Diana  

@Michał and David: My thanks to both of you for your help. :)

link nickname  

Diana you could try windows version

link Rakesh  

Do you have any video tutorial to paint Aqua dream pic
this link dosen't work could you please re-send the link

link David Revoy Author,

@Rakesh : Hi, the V3 of my brushes with an updated link is here : ; but this old brushkit is no more functionnal with future Krita 2.9 ( still works for 2.8 ) . The issue : every pixelbrush engine based brush get a new 'flow' sensor. It has to be desactivated manually. Good luck ! and thanks for pointing the broken link.

link Myrte  

So i only just started working with Krita, but i don't have a clue how to use colors to mix them or how to draw neat lines.

I use the mouse so I enabled the stabiliser but i have no clue how to color more precise.
Is krita actually good enough to paint dragons?

link David Revoy Author,

@Myrte : :-) Yes, Krita can paint anything. But you need a tablet ( stylus can do pressure sensitivity and better lines ).

link Taposy Rabeya  

Impressive! it looks very easy on the video. The author has a huge talent for drawing.

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