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David Revoy,, .
Unless otherwise mentioned in the article.

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link deburger   - Reply

nice one :)

link Cyril   - Reply

Sympa et profond ! Super, le design change un peu de ton style habituel :)

link Cyril   - Reply

Je suis fan de tout : le style du dessin et l'idée qu'il y a derrière. J'en ferai bien mon fond d'écran !!!

link Elias   - Reply

Very cool and with a deeper message. I think I get your point. Absolutely great work.

link Yuri Fidélis   - Reply

It's great to see that with each illustration you have develop your very unique and identifiable style of line drawing. Your personal work is the best, David!

link Easton   - Reply

I love the concept and as always your artwork is beautiful. You are a shining light of open source. Continue breaking chains.

link Elias   - Reply

By the way: Do you have a high-quality version of this picture?

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

@Elias : hi , yes , I share a version on the deviant art for wallpapers :
The original is 5K pixel large ; so 3X this size

link Elias   - Reply

Thanks =D

link Obat Keputihan   - Reply

wow fantasy

link 80lin08   - Reply

This work is great!

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

@80lin08 & @Obat Keputihan : Thanks !

link high school graduation speech   - Reply

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link Taposy Rabeya   - Reply

How beautiful this art work is!! There is no colorful color but the effect of color is awesome.

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