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After my recent move, I decided to release my full Chaos&Evolutions DVD to the public for free on Youtube. So, to not post every chapter separated, I remixed all the main lessons into a 1h30 epic-to-render HD video (in Kdenlive). I also did cut, merge, etc...

The tool used ( Gimp-painter 2.6 ) on the video is outdated, but the core course is still ok and the DVD wasn't about the tool anyway. Any digital painting software ( Krita, Mypaint, SAI, Photoshop , etc... ) should work for it. Those basic and simple lessons will feet beginners in research of more self discipline and a structured workflow about the act of painting using layers and digital tools as a global concept. For more advanced user ; the content might be too simplistic and I'm ready to receive rants about it too. Maybe one day I'll do a Chaos&Evolutions² for advanced hard-core technics and skill , but only when my technic will be more more advanced, I still work on it >:-)

More infos, full dynamic menu on the video description (under the video) on the Youtube video page here . Feel free to share and comment. Thanks to all who purchased by the past the real DVD & thanks for watching (and obviously , thx Youtube for hosting this 1h30 HD file).

License: "Long video tutorial: Chaos&Evolution" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
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link Ulf  

Always nice to see how you work! :) Thanks for this video ...

link deburger  

Great news :). Do you know how many DVD copies of this training have been sold?

link odin  


I bought the dvd Chaos&Evolution and In my opinion it contains a very interesting tutorials. I am a begginer in the digital paint and my knowledge of the English language is very poor but this dvd it was great for me. For me is very difficult to follow other tutorials, but subtitles and the detail explanations in the dvd was a very useful resource for me.

I hope you can someday make another dvd using Krita instead of Gimp.

I bought some tutorials from the Blender shop and all them are good but from my point of view your dvd tutorials are the best.

link David Revoy Author,

@odin : Wow , thanks Odin for the support and cool feedback. Krita videos are definitely on the way. Maybe not as a DVD , but simply published for free on my Youtube account. 2.7 is coming, and I would really like to mix a 'what's new' and 'how to use' new features in a single video. But it will depend how much free time I can save for that.

@deburger : Hey Deburger ! I don't have the exact number , I think a bit less than 2000 copies, and for sure more than 1500. I'll try to speak to the eshop manager soon about it, because now I'm curious :-)

link David Revoy Author,

@Ulf : Thanks ;)

link Jon  

Wow, thanks for this! I bought the digital DVD when it was released, this just guarantees my support for whatever you cook up next ;)

link Mery Alison Thompson  

Hey David! Congratulations for this amazing video, I really enjoyed watching it and very educational too because I saw how is your style for sketching characters. I've been a little bit out of submit my drawings on DA because I'm on college, and the classes and the homework demands me a lot of time. I have a lot of sketches and some stuff incompletes submitted in my facebook account, so you will see that sometimes I have a little free time to do something in digital XD
I'm glad you are okay and see you soon!! :D

link deburger  

:) he he

link PassingThrough  

Thank you! :)

link artbottle  

I also bought this DVD (together with the Blend & Paint-DVD).
It's always such a pleasure and inspiration to watch you painting. :)

May I ask if you earn some money from these purchases or is this entirely used to support Blender?

link David Revoy Author,

@Mery Alison Thompson : I hope you do well at college, and also I hope to see artworks from you soon !
@PassingThrough : :-)
@artbottle : I don't earn directly money on the DVD purchase of the Blender store. I have more like a forfait at the creation ; then another forfait at 1000 , then 1500 then 2000 DVD sold etc... The paiement is very fair and generous from the Blender Foundation ; but I don't know if I can reveal the exact amount here. What I know for sure ; Making CC-By product rocks ! not may be in term of selling & money ( I had feedback from proprietary course DVD , selling 100 time more copy than mine ) but in terms of freedom to reuse my work ; do derivations, etc ...

link Relyss  

Pas encore fini de tout voir, mais super vidéo, qui m'a appris plein de choses.
Existe-t-il un équivalent pour Alchemy sur Windows ?

link David Revoy Author,

@Relyss : Merci ! Dans les programmes capable de faire pareil sur Windows, il y aurait les dernier build de Krita pour Windows http://heap.kogmbh.net/boud/krita_2.7.8.2.msi ; mais aussi Alchemy possède un *.zip pour Windows ici : http://al.chemy.org/download/ .

link Relyss  

Super merci ! Je vais voir ce que ça donne en m'aidant des astuces de la vidéo. Entre temps je l'ai finie, vraiment top et plein de bonnes astuces :)

link artbottle  

Thanks for the additional infos!
Good to know that you get at least some financial reward for your enormous efforts in spreading the art of open source. :)
I'm looking forward to your future projects. Wish you all the best!

link David Revoy Author,

@artbottle : :-) Thanks !

link Tom Ventresco  

Like many others! I purchased this DVD when it was released. I have said before, Alchemy with MyPaint and a look at a possible work flow ignited my education and fascination for digital painting and drawing. To bad I couldn't get an injection of talent off that DVD, I need it !!!

link Arnaud Couturier  

J'ai aussi acheté le DVD quand il est sorti, très satisfait, mais jamais tout regardé, mais je vais le ressortir.

Merci David!

link David Revoy Author,

@Tom Ventresco & @Arnaud Couturier : Thanks both of you for supporting the release of the Dvd back 2010 , that was a big help.

link Brett McCoy  

I have the DVD, I think it's very good and inspirational. I like that there is no talking, it's purely visual.

link David Revoy Author,

@Brett McCoy : Hey thanks Brett :)

link Davi A.  

je t'aime <3

link Sumanas  

David, thanks for making this available as one video (I hate having to hunt and search for the next one in the sequence). I'm teaching myself to draw ever so slowly (pencil and paper first and then a tablet) and your content and videos are a big inspiration. I honestly can't wait until I get better at drawing to create some stuff like you do!

On a side note, I really like the ambient music that's been used for this - it's very soothing (the wind chimes are a lovely touch) and gives me the impression you're doing all this stuff in a monastery on a distant mountain top overlooking some deep gorge. That's your secret isn't it?

link Jason  

please do try it. It's an android painting app, launched by our team. Thanx a ton in advance

link Taposy Rabeya  

Awesome video clips.

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