Long video tutorial: Chaos&Evolution

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After my recent move, I decided to release my full Chaos&Evolutions DVD to the public for free on Youtube. So, to not post every chapter separated, I remixed all the main lessons into a 1h30 epic-to-render HD video (in Kdenlive). I also did cut, merge, etc...

The tool used ( Gimp-painter 2.6 ) on the video is outdated, but the core course is still ok and the DVD wasn't about the tool anyway. Any digital painting software ( Krita, Mypaint, SAI, Photoshop , etc... ) should work for it. Those basic and simple lessons will feet beginners in research of more self discipline and a structured workflow about the act of painting using layers and digital tools as a global concept. For more advanced user ; the content might be too simplistic and I'm ready to receive rants about it too. Maybe one day I'll do a Chaos&Evolutions² for advanced hard-core technics and skill , but only when my technic will be more more advanced, I still work on it >:-)

More infos, full dynamic menu on the video description (under the video) on the Youtube video page here . Feel free to share and comment. Thanks to all who purchased by the past the real DVD & thanks for watching (and obviously , thx Youtube for hosting this 1h30 HD file).

License: "Long video tutorial: Chaos&Evolution" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
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