Symmetric impro with fish at LGM 2013

  • first (top): improvisation started in my workshop at the Libre Graphic Meeting 2013 , with details added later at home.
  • second (bottom): improvisation done on my laptop during the Libre Graphic Meeting 2013

For more info about The Libre Graphic Meeting 2013 in Madrid; my LGM2013 report and photo gallery is published here

tool : Krita

License: "Symmetric impro with fish at LGM 2013" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
Tags:  #artworks  #symmetry   | Download: Markdown


link OddPierrot  

So nice! This makes me think about a mirror Arcimboldo's style painting. It would be great! :-D

link David Revoy Author,

@OddPierrot :Thx ! That's a good idea =) I 'll keep that in my head. thx!

link EscapedNight  

Will you make a tutorial please, explaining how you paint a complete human how you paint the eyes, hairs or eyebrows or the shades and lights on face, the skin tones, and skin details like freckles and moles, spots. It will be very helpful.
There are a couple of tutorials scattered across the net but the best ones are done by commercial softwares. Even if someone wants to go on with the techniques only, will lost his way. The tutorial will say "do this" and "do those" and those certain actions wont be found in gimp, krita or mypaint. Your artworks are of elite class, even though you did in opensource apps. So if you make a tutorial about such detailed artworks, it will be greatly helpful.
Thank you.

link Obat Keputihan Alami  

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Improvisation creation frequently concentrates on the distinguishment of one's close to home mindfulness, into the present minute. The aptitude additionally empowers the improvement of a significant understanding of the activity that one is right now showing.

link Taposy Rabeya  

What a great concept. Beautiful art work.

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