Dev: a bash script to compile Krita, Mypaint and VC

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Update: This script is now outdated and unmaintained. I explain my reasons and offer an alternative here . I keep this blog post as an archive. If you are interested to maintain the script, contact me!

Whats new ?

  • A dedicated Git repository on GitHub here :
  • A documentation included in the file, also displayed on front page of the GitHUb project
  • More user-friendlyness ; easier menu , all colored with also separators for better lisibility
  • Update libraries of Mypaint for GTK3
  • added LICENSE ; GNU GPL 3.0
  • Add a uninstall feature
  • Drop of the 'reset to stable' old feature because of issue with libs and user preferences file.
  • Tested on a vanilla Linux Mint KDE 14 system, tested on Ubuntu Studio 13.04 (Xfce)


You can download a ZIP of the last version here : Extract, and follow usage instruction in the, or read it here For git users, you can also clone the repository with :

git clone

and update it later.