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"Tears of Steel" the full version ; 1080p and 720 HD available

"Tears of Steel" is the Blender Foundation's fourth short Open Movie featuring real camera shoot and 3D video effects. I had a position as a concept-artist and storyboarder in this short-movie project, and preproduction-time was very short : less than two weeks with a scenario changing every day till the last day. My main tool was Krita 2.4 beta in it.

Concept art

Storyboard :

( quad split sample , full version soon )

More about :

"Tears of Steel" was realized with crowd-funding by users of the open source 3D creation tool Blender. Target was to improve and test a complete open and free pipeline for visual effects in film - and to make a compelling sci-fi film in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The film itself, and all raw material used for making it, have been released under the Creatieve Commons 3.0 Attribution license. Visit thetearsofsteel.org website to find out more about this, or to purchase the 4-DVD box with a lot of extras.

Captures :

Official production blog : http://mango.blender.org/

License: "Tears of Steel" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
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link Brett W. McCoy  

Wonderful film, short as it was. Will you be working on the next Blender project?

link David Revoy Author,

@Brett W. McCoy : Hey Brett ; thanks for the comment. Normally It wasn't originaly planed I would work on Mango , but the original concept-artist selected abandoned the position at the last moment beginning the pre-production. As I was around IRC channel , and open movie , I was a 'rescue' artist :) It was also a lucky opportunity, but with the short time, my participation was really humble.

I don't think I will have the luck to make another open movie project. Maybe on the far future ; the fantasmatic project called 'fruitbasket' where all artist from the past open movie ( getting old ) gather for a movie jam :-)

link lecouin  

Et ben pour une humble participation, tu as ta photo sur leurs sites et tu gagnes une participation de plus sur IMDB ^^

Ne trouvant pas du film, j'en profite pour mater celui de Sintel :)
pour les intéréssés : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IN6w6GnN-Ic

En tout cas, il y a de quoi être fier de participer à ce genre de film, je l'ai vu en 1080p, il est impressionnant :)

Hummm pourquoi pas un Sintel 2, le retour du dragonou contre godzilla !! :D

link lecouin  

oups je voulais parler du making-of que je ne trouvais pas ^^

link Marcos  

Great Job Revoy
Keep on

link Grace  

Salutation .. c'était super de voir un film fantastique .. le storyboard étaient trop bonne et simple à voir .. spécialement les concept arts scific sont fabuleux .... et je sûr qu'il y aura un rôle sepereate jouer par vous dans le prochain film ouvert aussi .... grandes œuvres ... bonne chance

link BlenderAttitude  

Bonjour David,

Le Magazine BlenderAttitude vient de vous consacrer un article à la une.

Félicitations !

Le Magazine de la Création 3D avec Blender

link BlenderAttitude  

Pardon, voici l'adresse du site http://blenderattitude.com/

Et le lien direct vers l'article qui vous concerne: http://blenderattitude.com/david-revoy-concept-art-et-storyboard/


link Illustration  

Les screenshots sont à couper le souffle!

link Unwary  

Looking at the concepts, it feels like a completely different film.
Thanks for this glimpse of a film that never came to be.

link David Revoy Author,

@Unwary : Hehe, and it is a different film :) For this movie the preproduction was super short ; like 2 weeks for concept-art + storyboard. I remember I raged/cried when Ian ( director, scenarist ) and Ton ( producer ) were totally rewriting everything each 2 days ; and only 7 days were remaining. I made the whole color storyboard in 36h of drawing in continous ; It was just plain crazy production condition, and even with puting my health on it, it failed. Most of my concept-art were changed by the 3D artist while making the movies ... I'm not sure I had any role/impact in this team :D

link Taposy Rabeya  

Wonderful film!! & your step by step art work amazed me.

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