External USB numpad hardware hack

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While doing shopping today I found in a discount supermarket a flexible numpad sold only 2.79€ . Cheap enough to do test and add it to my basket. It's work plug and play in 12.04, and so I decided to customise it a bit to transform it as shortcut pad next to my Cintiq.

I tested in Mypaint the key I could attribute as shortcut, then painted all those configurable slot with black acrylic to erase the symbols . The new white symbols were painted with a white decorative pen, acrylic based too. Only one hour was suffisent to do it, and for sure, after a little sketch, this pad is way better than my old Gamepad hack .

Image : the top one is the aspect right out of the box , and bottom is my final customisation ( sorry for the dusty aspect, the sun angle and auto sharpening of my camera were not friendly for this picture ) .

License: "External USB numpad hardware hack" by David Revoy −
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