Tree house

Still continuing test with a newer painting workflow ( same technic than previous post ) . This time over another old sketch to test organic landscape elements. I think I found great shortcut in the process to do faster digital painting with Gimp / G'mic / Krita / Mypaint on Linux , and adapt them well to my way to handle steps.

I'll keep this technic for illustration, thats sure ; but for comics I changed my mind. I don't like really myself 'painted' comics. I think painting is great for illustration, but not enough 'graphic' to have a good flow of storytelling for comics / graphic novel frame. I need to find something else I'll post about it.

larger resolution and print/poster here

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link Andre   - Reply

Awesome picture! Can't wait for your tutorial. :)

As a carpenter I would love to have a house like that ;D

link nezumi   - Reply

I absolutely love all kind of tree houses. What I dont like though is bright wallpaper (my eyes suffer from it, working in the night a lot). Night version would be cool ;)
Thx for it and waiting for tutorial.

BTW - I will be installing Kubuntu in a few minutes... My First linux... Entirely because of Krita and MyPaint :D

link Ecksell   - Reply

Hi David !

What a surprise this morning through my RSSreader when I found your old tree house sketch (that I had for months as wallpaper) , revisited and .... Coloured ! :cool:
Sincerely, I prefer the sketch version. Despite my feeling, your work of colorisation is really a success and the toony touch is there.
As usual, great great job, thx for sharing and for inspiration.
Merci David de passer du temps à partager tout ça avec nous !
A bientôt, kenavo.

link MiyuHogosha   - Reply

Looking at it from , I wondered if this is house of Owl.. or of wizard from Spellsinger.

As of painted comics I think, i.m.o. best one was done for Captain America, where color choice and brush strokes were using to give more dynamics for action - but it was completely different than this, artist was overpainting original outlines. For smoother and calmer situation, I suppose shaded style is more fitting, while black and white is giving dramatic\noir feel.

link Ronã Moura   - Reply

Love this style! Do you offer classes?

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