Finding Balance

Another test ; to 'find balance' between flexibility of digital painting , and a classic comics workflow divided into non flexible and boring steps ( aka pencil + inking + filling + shading + fx , in my last test ). Also finding balance between rendering and time spent...

For technical details here is a decomposition of the pipeline for this test : 1. drawing/penciling on paper 2. Scan + Levels + Iwarp corrections + Gmic testing filter 'Photocomix Smoothing' + Color to alpha in Gimp 2.8 -> *.ora file. 3. Speedpainting over with Krita 4. Cleaning and repainting over all with Mypaint ( most time spent here ) 5. Gmic color tweaks and color balance in Gimp 2.8

I feel very 'splitted' between application on Linux to get the result I need.

I painted it over an old sketch. Now, I have to redo this workflow test now with another drawing caring a bit more of producing clean lines at an early stage ; it can make me win precious time on the part 4 . On a side note, the G'mic testing filter 'Photocomix Smoothing' is just a damn genius filter pass to smooth cleaning pencil grain without loosing too much details.

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link Malcolm Tredinnick   - Reply

David, I love reading these workflow posts. Both as a software developer and weekend artist.

It was unexpected to see you using Krita for the speed-painting portion and Mypaint for the detail cleaning. Simply based on what you and the respective maintainers have written earlier about Krita being targeted at the professional artist and Mypaint more towards the more casual user (to broadly paraphrase). I would have predicted they would have been more useful to you the other way around. Interesting.

link Smolli   - Reply

Wow! Because of

... the wonderful image
... all the steps you needed for it.

I have bought myself a new iPad, thinking I could then do all the stuff within one place and maybe one app. I think I nothing beats pencil and paper. The overview and the pressure sensitivity is unsurpassed :) But for steps 2 to 5 it's not bad. Of course no extreme high resolution.

I would love to see the result of your steps 1 to 5 btw. I'm such a fan of your work, I want to see EVERYTHING :cool:

link deburger   - Reply

nice )

link Ronounours   - Reply

Found your website by searching for G'MIC on Google :p.
Very nice realizations, I'm happy to see you used G'MIC as a part of your workflow for this particular image. Thanks for sharing !

link Anna Lina De Sario   - Reply

Hi David:) after a long absence by your blog (cause the test admissions of comics academy) I want to wishing you good holiday! Amazing artwork!:D

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