Finding Balance

Another test ; to 'find balance' between flexibility of digital painting , and a classic comics workflow divided into non flexible and boring steps ( aka pencil + inking + filling + shading + fx , in my last test ). Also finding balance between rendering and time spent...

For technical details here is a decomposition of the pipeline for this test : 1. drawing/penciling on paper 2. Scan + Levels + Iwarp corrections + Gmic testing filter 'Photocomix Smoothing' + Color to alpha in Gimp 2.8 -> *.ora file. 3. Speedpainting over with Krita 4. Cleaning and repainting over all with Mypaint ( most time spent here ) 5. Gmic color tweaks and color balance in Gimp 2.8

I feel very 'splitted' between application on Linux to get the result I need.

I painted it over an old sketch. Now, I have to redo this workflow test now with another drawing caring a bit more of producing clean lines at an early stage ; it can make me win precious time on the part 4 . On a side note, the G'mic testing filter 'Photocomix Smoothing' is just a damn genius filter pass to smooth cleaning pencil grain without loosing too much details.

License: "Finding Balance" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
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