What's this ?

I did a lot of graphic test ( for a comic project ) since June and posted none of them. Here above is one of the rare attempt where I had a colored and finished result , simulating a random frame with random character design and scene. I'll continue test : I have so much things to learn.

Lineart : Mypaint (dev) Coloring : Krita (dev)

License: "What's this ?" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
Tags:  #artworks   | Download: Markdown


link Smolli  

Oh, this is so sweet. Please feel encouraged to continue with your comic :)
(and don't forget to post some more 'experiments' ;)

link nezumi  

That was my face (just not so cute) when I saw, that new build of Krita for windows64 is lot bigger then Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects all together. Plus that is just as fast as that animal she is holding...
I hope in a future I will do same face looking at how small and fast is Krita.

link Raphael Barros  

It's still experimental. If you want it to improve, report the bugs and give suggestions.

link franck_b  

Bonjour David, très belle illustration ! avec un air de dessin animé à la japonaise. Très beau choix des couleurs/teintes. Comme d'habitude du grand travail.

link David Revoy Author,

@Smolli : Thank you! that really sweet from you :)Ok, I'll try to feel more confident to post tests.

@nezumi : I never tested the Windows version of Krita, but it sound like I was imagining this would be less attractive than the Linux version. For sure on Win, all the KDE libs have to launch at start-up ; full-fill the Ram layering on top of the Win system . For the size on disk , I'm not surprised too ; I guess installing a virtual machine under Windows with Kubuntu 12.04 and Krita could take less disk space...
Thanks a lot for the feedback ; it's precious for me to know the states of Krita on Windows, but unfortunately here I erased all Win system on all computers at home, so I can't test. What I can say is Linux version , via package on a KDE system is 20MB only :-)
I guess the hope for Windows user is in the future http://www.krita.org/item/117-krita-sketch-on-windows-go-go-go">"Krita sketch".

@Raphael Barros : You don't know each other, but Nezumi wasn't bashing Krita at all. I care his user point of view ; and his sentence about was implying obviously good suggestion too ( make it leightweight , make it fast ). But I know every FLOSS lovers try to protect their baby tools :) so I understand you too.

@franck_b : Merci Franck, j'aimerai idéalement garder la touche manga un peu c'est sure. J'aimerai me faufiler dans une nouvelle vague d'auteur qui se reclame du 'manfra' ; une version manga francisé. Donc, merci, ça me rassure que mes influences Disney/Manga/BD-FrancoBelge se mélange, mais qu'on sente encore l'origine Nippone :)

link nezumi  

Raphael Barros - I am using Krita heavily since I discovered it, I am posting quite heavily on Krita forum and yes I am reporting bugs plus trying to get others to do it. Krita has a potential to be not only best free painting software but simply "the BEST" ;)

David REVOY - 20 megs??? You gotta be kidding me :O Thats what I am talking about... Now latest 32 bit version on Windows is around 600MB heavy. Its better then 3GB so I am using this one for the moment. I like Krita Sketch project but I want fully functional Krita on Windows, not some striped down, sketchy thing ;) Hopefully Krita Sketch project will help full Krita on Windows.

link David Revoy Author,

@nezumi : :D http://img594.imageshack.us/img594/9893/20120816screenshot003.jpg">http://img594.imageshack.us/img594/9893/20120816screenshot003.jpg ; I have prooves ;)

Yes, I also get hope about things done for Krita sketch to be transfered to make full Win Krita a better tool.

link nezumi  

I do believe you :D I am slowly making a space on one partition to be able install linux there. It may be easy task for you but I am handicapped when it comes to linux, command line, scripts and so on. I will be trying though - I really like Krita and Mypaint - enough to try fight with linux again. So fat linux won each battle we had :D

link kot-barbos  

nezumi, installiation space usage depends of OS and installed libs. Krita depends mostly KDE & QT libs. In David's case all lib's are in system. Even if don't use KDE, Krita will use about 350 Mb (debian, xfce: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/6/123dpy.png/) In Windows programms use own lib's separatly, so even if some prog already install QT libs, Krita needed to install it again (Windows so Windows :))

link nezumi  

kot-barbos - I do realize that issue with libraries. Still we are talking about 350MB while in windows it is 600MB or even humongous... 3GB!. And I wouldn't have an issue with size of it at all - but it isnt smooth (at this point, they are working hard on it but for what I see there is 1 person that is making windows builds and he says openly that he isnt very experienced in it). I will be supporting Krita on windows for sure but I wish to have backup plan and working Krita that I REALLY like for painting. If Krita had that unlimited canvas as MyPaint it would be close to ideal (after wiping out bugs :D).
MyPaint is separate issue - devs of MyPaint really dont care about windows at all and again - I think software is brilliant. Since my primary objective is to make art I guess I should fight with that damn linux again :D

link Raphael Barros  

nezumi - I'm sorry, didn't mean to offend, I think I just got a little defensive because everyone I know personally likes to offend FLOSS without really knowing it or doing some research.

link nezumi  

Raphael Barros - no worries, I know what you are talking about and it is very common that people don't even try but make negative comments. I am not a person that will praise something JUST because it is open source. But there is hell of a lot very good software that can be just as good as commercial or even better. What I love about OS that I can be part of development (even if I am not programmer), I can send my comments, discuss features and so on.

link raman  

That is a pretty good effort by the artist. This picture displays his talents in this work and I congratulate him for such an effort put forward by him. Cheers mate. Keep posting in future also.

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